We’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break French has won Best Professional Podcast UK in this year’s European Podcast Awards. The shortlist of podcasts for each category was originally generated by listener votes, so we’d like to thank everyone who voted! A jury then considered each of the podcasts on the shortlist and Coffee Break French was voted Best Professional Podcast in the UK. Coffee Break Spanish came fifth in the rankings!

We’ve also just discovered that Coffee Break French was the runner-up in the European Professional Podcast category, coming in second place after Detektor.fm – congratulations to them and all other European and national winners!

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    8 replies to "Coffee Break French wins European Podcast Award!"

    • Mary Kessler

      Well deserved! Congratulations! I greatly enjoy the excellent quality and good humor of your podcasts and have learned a lot from them.

    • John Smith

      Woot!! RadioLingua FTW! (^_^)

    • Jamie Bergen

      Félicitations! J’ai appris beaucoup avec Coffee Break French. La reconnaissance est bien méritée.

    • Adrian

      Well done! Just out of curiosity – will you be recording another season? That would be very good as there are not many well-prepared resources for advanced levels of French. And if that season would be at a slightly higher level than the previous one, I’d definitely subscribe to the paid version.

      Also, side not on CB German – that’s another very good product (if one may call it a product). Comparing this to German at school back at home, it’s a 100 times better and encouraged me to learn more than my teachers tried for 6 years 😉

    • carol daniels

      Wow !!! Congratulations to you all; Mark, Derek and all those working so hard in the background at Radio Lingua to make ALL of our language learning experiences the best!! We have a new French Director here at work, so I thought this would be the perfect time to “schmooze” a little by learning some more French!! You guys deserve all the credit and accolades for your students’ continued successes – THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! Enjoy the benefits of your award winning :-). Carol @loveCBSpanish

    • Kaushal

      Well done! Congratulations!

    • Simone

      WELL DONE. You have created an invaluable resource, love you guys at RL!

    • Jiaying

      Congratulations to RLN and Mark! I love CBF and recommend to my friends almost everytime we talk about it. I’ve been following this podcast over 1 years but stopped learning for reasons like tired, busy work etc… This year, I travelled to Brussels in Oct and found it’s really hard to live there if you can’t speak French even the smallest thing like asking for direction on the street or buying a pomme in a convenience store. After coming back home, I decided to pick up where I left and this time I would not give up (Hope so!)I’ve been self-taught with CBF to Lesson 73, it’s a great progress already for me. I feel very content to see my improvement on French. And I would like to see more success from RLN as well 🙂 On va continuer.

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