Lesson 09 – Coffee Break German

CBG 1-09

In this latest episode of Coffee Break German we’ll be looking at how to cope with language difficulties and to explain that you don’t understand – that you’re just learning German! Coffee Break German comes to you from the Radio Lingua Network. In weekly episodes you’ll join native speaker Thomas who’ll be teaching learner Mark in gradual, structured lessons. The … Read More

On Location German – 27 Mar 2013

Hallo zusammen! Hey, everyone! As we approach the end of March, that means that Easter is nearly here! I have fond memories of when I was younger when my brothers and I used to paint hard-boiled eggs at Easter time. It turns out that this custom of boiling and painting Ostereier (“Easter eggs”) began in Germany! As well as the … Read More

Episode 307 – Q&A Spanish

In this week’s episode of Q&A Spanish we answer questions from listeners Kitty and Neil. Topics include the personal ‘a’ and the expression ‘a tenor de…”. As usual our experts JP and Nahyeli are on hand to answer these questions. Use the player below to listen to this week’s episode: If you have a question for our experts, you can … Read More