On Location Spanish – 26 Feb 2013

130226-iain¡Bienvenidos a On Location Spanish! It’s Iain here with another update from my Erasmus at the Universidad de Salamanca.

As February marches on, you’ll be glad to hear that: estamos en clase de nuevo (“we’re in class again”), grappling with that most unique of challenges of matching my expected credits required by my home University with the number of credits actually available from the classes here at USal. Such is the life of an Erasmus student! Much like last semester, I’m taking a mixture of language and business classes. In my phrase, I used de nuevo to mean “again”. I picked this little phrase up from my French classmate Thibaud, who mentioned that his Spanish teacher at High School in Paris used to say it all the time. It’s interesting to see that on Erasmus, it’s not just the Spanish native speakers that are teaching me the language!

With the arrival of the new semester, la comidilla de la vecinidad (“talk of the town”) is the hundreds of new international students beginning their exchanges here. It really adds to the cultural “melting pot” that makes Salamanca known worldwide as an excellent base to develop both your Spanish knowledge and an excellent social life.

I’m glad to have a full semester ahead of me to continue working on my Spanish skills. It also allows me to see more of the Iberian Peninsula and its culture. We’ve recently visited Valladolid, an industrial town to the north of Salamanca. Also, a huge part of modern Spanish culture is defined by sport, and to that end I’ve managed to get hold of some tickets for the Formula One Gran Premio (“Grand Prix”) race in Barcelona in May. I can’t wait!

¡Hasta luego seguidores!

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