On Location German – 27 Feb 2013

130227-danielHallo zusammen! It’s Daniel here for another On Location German blogpost! I now have ein neuer Stundenplan (“a new timetable”), which now allows me more opportunities to travel! (reisen=”to travel”.) So last weekend I took a trip to Hannover in the state of Niedersachsen, (“Lower Saxony”) which isn’t very far from here in Herford. Hannover city centre is very open with long, wide streets which make the streets of Scottish cities look small. Then again, most German cities make Scottish cities look small! There was only one problem during the trip:

‘Als ich am Bahnhof angekommen bin, dachte ich, dass meine Fahrkarte von der Bildfläche verschunden war!’
(“As I arrived at the train station, I thought that my ticket had vanished into thin air!”)

Von der Bildfläche verschwinden’ is German for “to vanish into thin air.”

It did turn out that I had put it in the wrong pocket… but we learn from out mistakes, right? Anyway, when I finally got to Hannover after being reacquainted with my ticket, I didn’t hesitate to find my hotel so I could take off my backpack. (zögern=”to hesitate”) Then after a weekend of Einkaufen (“shopping”), ungesundes Essen (“junk food”) and a trip to the Kino (“cinema”), it was time to go back to Herford. Luckily I didn’t lose my ticket on the way back!

The moral of the story is: ‘behalte deine Fahrkarte im Auge!’ (“Keep an eye on your ticket!”)

Until next time! Bis zum nächsten Mal!


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