French WOTD Review – 20 Feb 2013

We’ve been publishing a daily word on Facebook and Twitter and each day we’ve asked our Facebook friends and Twitter followers to post a comment using the word of the day, thereby practising their language skills. This week, in honour of St Valentine’s Day, we’ve focused on the topic of love and we’ve shared the following words and phrases with our community: l’amour, tomber amoureux, les fleurs, je t’aime and un indécrottable romantique. As usual, the Radio Lingua community has come up with some excellent examples of these words in sentences, and that’s what we’re looking at in this episode of the show.

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2 thoughts on “French WOTD Review – 20 Feb 2013”

  1. Mark,
    Thanks for using my voice on the WOTD program. My wife got a real kick out of hearing my sentence and voice on your program.

    How fun!!

    I have really enjoyed learning French with you.



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