Episode 301 – Q&A Spanish

We’re delighted to announce that JP and Nahyeli are back with another series of Q&A Spanish. As usual, they’re answering listener questions and in this week’s show, Soumaya wants to know if it’s possible to say buenas tardes when you’re saying goodbye to someone. Normally buenas tardes would be seen as a “hello” equivalent in the evening, but it’s possible to use this phrase – and others – as a goodbye. Listener Rodney has a similar question about the word buenas used as a shortened greeting. JP and Nahyeli provide an insight into these alternative greetings. Listener Steve is asking about the word casi in the present tense. This is quite a peculiar usage in Spanish which seems to go against everything we’ve learned so far about tenses! As ever, our Spanish language experts will explain everything.

Use the player below to listen to this week’s episode:

If you have a question for our experts, you can get in touch with the Q&A Spanish team at the Q&A Spanish page. Remember that we welcome all questions, even if you’re just starting out with Spanish!

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