Coffee Break German Update

cbg-master-1400We recently announced our forthcoming flagship German course, Coffee Break German and we are delighted to provide an update for you. Coffee Break German will launch on Wednesday 23rd January and in weekly episodes you can join the team and learn German in a structured way, building your language skills gradually with our lessons.

Coffee Break French and Spanish teacher Mark takes on the role of learner in this new series and is joined by native speaker Thomas. The lessons will focus on developing communicative language skills and will help you to get by in many situations commonly experienced while travelling in a German-speaking country. However, this is not an ‘audio phrase book’: you won’t simply be learning a series of phrases which you can try to remember at the appropriate moment. You will also be learning how the German language works so that you can manipulate the language and come up with your own phrases. Thomas will be joined by our resident “Grammar Guru” who will help you get to grips with the grammar of the language, and you’ll also learn about the culture of German speaking countries with our regular segments from our “Cultural Correspondent”.

We’ll be publishing an introductory episode on 16th January in which you’ll meet the whole team, and we’ll also announce details at this stage of the pricing structure of our support materials.

We’re very excited about the launch of Coffee Break German and we’re sure you’ll enjoy learning German with Mark, Thomas, the rest of the team, and a worldwide community of learners just like you! Bis bald (see you soon)!

15 thoughts on “Coffee Break German Update”

  1. Hallo
    Me and my husband are looking forward to the new program. I am learning french but I often travel in Germany. Denmark is close to Germany, so I think it is important to be able to talk the language. Yours sincerely Nanna Thiemann

  2. It’s been a while since I last spoke German. And recently, a German speaking pen-pal of mine from years past looked me up. I was amazed to see how much language I lost. Looking forward to Coffee Break German to help revive my skills of speaking German

  3. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a good way to brush up my German before I go there this summer, but nothing seems to compare with the Coffee Break French format I’ve been using. This is wonderful!

  4. I am vastly improving my Spanish and French skills with your Coffee Break series and am very much looking forward to doing the same with German. Whereas Spanish and French have many similarities the German language will present me with a completely new challenge although of course it does have some similar grammatical constructions with English. P.S. Will we be seeing Coffee Break Dutch any time soon??


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