In addition to the free version of the Coffee Break German course, we also offer a members’ version which will help you make more effective progress with your German. The Coffee Break German Members’ Version includes the following elements:

  • Video flashcards: listen to each lesson with the words and phrases covered displayed on the screen of your computer, phone or tablet;
  • Bonus audio materials: use our review lesson to practise the language covered further and to pick up some useful bonus vocabulary;
  • Comprehensive lesson notes: study the language included in each lesson in further detail and access additional information about German.

How to access the members’ version

The members’ version can be accessed through our membership system. You can purchase the course using the links below. Please note that the lessons are published over the next year (2013) and you will have access to the materials as soon as they are published. Think of this as a “Season Pass”.

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    • Maryann Biady

      Managed to download the premium version using the Downcast app, thanks for the clear instructions !

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