On Location German – 28 Nov 2012

121121-hollyHallo! Daniel here again for another ‘On Location German’ blog post. This week I’ve been having some problems mit meinem Fahrrad (“with my bicycle”). Das Fahrrad (“the bicycle”) is an indispensable mode of transport for me since I arrived in Germany: I went from cycling maybe once a year at home to a minimum of thirty minutes every day here! Bikes are used a lot more in general here in Germany, particularly in cities like Münster with high student populations. They also fit in with the German stereotype of being umweltfreundlich! (“environmentally friendly”) So, after walking mein kaputtes Fahrrad (“my broken bike”) to the Hauptbahnhof (“main train station”), I was told by the man at the Radstation (“bike garage/station”) there that there was a problem with die Gänge (“the gears”), but that it was easily fixable. Lots of large train stations have a Radstation, where you can store your bike, have it repaired u.s.w. (“und so weiter” = “etc.”)

A phrase which contains the word ‘Gänge’, is in die Gänge kommen (“to hurry/get on with it/shake a leg”), which is exactly what I had to do when I realised I had to be at work in fifteen minutes! Luckily, I had mein repariertes Fahrrad (“my repaired bike”) and made it to work just in time. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that die Pünktlichkeit (“punctuality”) is of the utmost importance to most Germans!

So, after a turbulent day of getting my bike broken, getting it fixed and almost being late for work, there is one thing I have learned above all else: sei pünktlich! (“be on time!)

Until next time! Bis bald!

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