On Location German – 21 Nov 2012

121121-hollyHallo! It’s Holly here again with another update from Germany. I am really getting into the swing of things here.

One thing that I have definitely noticed is that if you want to be like a German in Münster, you need to get a bike. There are separate red paths which are designated for cyclists, and I can tell you from experience that the locals are not happy if you walk on these red paths. All over Münster you will hear the constant ringing of bells from bikes as this is the bike capital of Germany. There is said to be more bikes in this city than people!

However, it isn’t just the sound of cyclists’ bells that you can hear in this beautiful city, as wherever you go in Münster you are bound to be near a church. There is a famous saying in Münster:

Entweder es regnet oder es läuten die Glocken. Und wenn beides zusammen fällt, dann ist Sonntag.
Either it rains or the church bells ring. And if both occur at the same time, it’s Sunday.”

This is referring to the fact that Münster is known for its church bells ringing, and indeed for its rainy weather!

Another thing that I have come across whilst being here is Schwarzfahren. This is the term used when a person travels without a ticket on öffentliches Verkehrsmittel (public transport). So, in Germany if you don’t have a gültige Fahrkarte (valid ticket) you will get a €40 fine.

I am still having an amazing time here and learning a lot of things about every day German culture. Maybe you will also come across these things if you ever pay a visit to Germany.

Bis bald!

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