121122-nicoleBuongiorno a tutti and Welcome to On Location Italian with Nicole, here in Verona. Now that we are into the month of November, the days of catching a bus to Lago di Garda (“Lake Garda”) to enjoy the last of the sunshine seem to be far behind us. That isn’t to say there aren’t still plenty of things to do and see during the crisp days of autumn here in Verona. The city is filled with beautiful buildings and discovering all that it has to offer has proven to be quite the treat!

For this week’s instalment of my blog, I wanted to share with you all one of my favourite places in Verona- Castelvecchio (“old castle”). Castelvecchio is a 14th Century castle that sits on the banks of il fiume Adige (the river Adige). On the first Sunday of every month, admission to the tourist attractions costs just one euro. Some friends and I therefore decided to take this opportunity to further explore the castle that I had so far admired only from the outside. And I must say, the inside did not disappoint! In addition to housing a Museum, the Museo Civico, Castelvecchio offers a wonderful view of the Adige river and one which was particularly stunning in the nebbia (“fog”) of that November evening.

Whilst enjoying the sights of Castelvecchio, one of my friends, a fellow Erasmus student, asked me: “Hai nostalgia di casa?”. “Avere nostalgia di casa” is the English equivalent of “to feel homesick”. Of course I miss my family and friends back home and I cannot wait to see them all again when I am home for Christmas but for now I am very much enjoying my new life here. And whilst there are moments when I feel homesick, I only have to look around to truly appreciate how lucky I am to be here.

It was also during our conversation that my friend taught me a new expression. Contorcersi dalle risate which can be translated in English as “to curl up with laughter”. A similar expression that can be used is ridere a crepapelle, which is the equivalent of the English “to bend over with laughter”.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my blog for this week and I will be back soon with more On Location Italian. A presto!

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    2 replies to "On Location Italian – 22 Nov 2012"

    • Pat Campbell

      Interesting blog but I’d expected the blog to be in Italian. Have you considered parallel text? I would be very interested in that.



      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Thanks for your comment, Pat. Given that Nicole and our other On Location Bloggers are students of the language and are learning, we would not ask them to write texts in the language they are learning at this stage. We only use texts written by native speakers, and we don’t have the resources to translate the English texts of the bloggers into the foreign language. Indeed, the purpose of the On Location Languages project is very much to join the bloggers in their language-learning journey and learn from some of their experiences.

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