The 8th Annual Podcast Awards are currently open for nominations and we’d like to ask our community to nominate Coffee Break Spanish, Coffee Break French or indeed any of our other shows for an award. This isn’t really our style and we don’t like “asking for your vote”, but we figure that everyone else is asking for votes at the moment so why not!

You can nominate Coffee Break Spanish or Coffee Break French in the Education category of the awards. Feel free to nominate other podcasts you listen to in other categories. If you feel we deserve it, we would also ask you to consider nominating the same podcast (ie. Coffee Break Spanish or Coffee Break French) for one of the special categories: People’s Choice or Best Produced. Note that you can only submit your nomination form once, so please make sure it’s right first time! The nomination period closes on 15th October.

Once the nominations have been received by the organisers they will review all nominations and later in the year they will begin the voting period. Among other things they’re measuring engagement with audiences, so they (and we!) are hoping that audiences will vote daily for their favourite shows from the shortlist of nominations. If we’re shortlisted we’ll let you know!

Thank you for considering to vote for us! Vote now in the Podcast Awards.

    3 replies to "Nominate us for a Podcast Award"

    • nahed hashesh

      i do nominate coffee break french for the award

    • Luca Watson

      Coffee Break French for both Education and People’s Choice are my nominations. CBS has won already in the past — time to even the odds a bit wot wot!

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