Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Episode 101

It’s here! We’re delighted to present the first edition of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this edition:

    • Alba asks the question ¿Cómo pasabas el verano cuando eras niño? – “How did you spend your summers as a child?”;
    • Laura introduces us to the expression de perillas;
    • and in our Q&A Spanish section JP and Nahyeli answer Molly’s question concerning gender of nouns.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Episode 101”

  1. It’s brilliant! I love the authenticity, and the variety (different segments) of the magazine! My Spanish studies are still very low level, but I think it will help a lot to listen to these magazine episodes, while at the same time working my way up through the basics. Thanks Mark and everyone!

  2. Hey Mark, I checked my premium member page and saw the precio es 23 gbp. Is that the discounted precio that was mentioned cuando te anuncio el programa? Te recuerdas cuando the scottish hombre gano y the sale was going on durante this tiempo. You mentioned that we should no se preocupes about the sale being over when the new materials arrived. I suppose you meant the new materials would also tienes una gran precio. I love the new show. Gracias por todo!

    • Carol, you should have received an email with a discount code for existing members. Let us know through the helpdesk if you’ve not received this.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I’m really excited about this newest season of Coffee Break Spanish. I had been through the prior materials several times and was very much looking forward to something new.

    I did enjoy the first episode, though I do have an observation.

    To me it seemed that the podcast was on three very different levels. The opening section with Alba seemed appropriate for an advanced learner, the Q and A section for someone just beginning and the middle section probably somewhere in between.

    Do you think this gap will persist?

  4. Hola Mark. I had a premium subscription to all forty podcasts of Show Time Spanish, and I was hoping that Radio Lingua would offer more for people who have gone through STS and are ready to move to el siguiente nivel. Even though it was clear from the title that Coffee Break Magazine was unlikely to do this, I was nonetheless hopeful that I’d find it valuable. I did enjoy this first edition, but I agree with Michael Smith that the segments seem to be on three very different levels. The Q&A question seemed especially out of place, since the advice JP and Nahyeli offer about gender is something people normally learn in first-year Spanish.

    One suggestion: in the Idiom section, it would be helpful if Laura could indicate whether the expression is used universally or is used primarily in Spain.

  5. This is a great and enjoyable way to study the language. I particularly enjoy the conversations between Mark and Alba; it appears very genuine and unrehearsed.


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