On Location Italian 4th Oct 2012

Buongiorno a tutti! I have arrived safe and sound in the beautiful city of Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliette and my new home for the next year while I study at Verona University. I have only been here for two days and I have already met so many other Erasmus students, seen so many lovely sights and tasted so much great Italian … Read More

Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Episode 101

It’s here! We’re delighted to present the first edition of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this edition: Alba asks the question ¿Cómo pasabas el verano cuando eras niño? – “How did you spend your summers as a child?”; Laura introduces us to the expression de perillas; and in our Q&A Spanish section JP and Nahyeli answer Molly’s question concerning … Read More