In addition to our content announcements today we’d also like to update our community on some developments with our website.

New and improved Help Desk

We recently introduced a new support system for customers. You can now submit your support query from anywhere on our site by clicking the Support button on the left of the screen. If you prefer, you can access the Help Desk via the Support menu at the top of the screen. We’ve started to build a Knowledge Base in this new system which will hopefully help to answer your question before you have to ask it. We’re adding new Knowledge Base articles all the time, based on the questions we receive through the Help Desk. As we’re sure you’re aware, we’re not a huge company with call centre operators waiting to take your call, but you can leave us a voicemail in our new system by calling (408) 540 6924 in the US and 0141 280 3110 in the UK. If you’re calling from elsewhere, simply dial +1 408 540 6924.

New Servers

With hundreds of thousands of language learners using Radio Lingua’s courses the website is always very busy and our servers are working very hard to deliver the content to our community. We’ve upgraded our servers and in the next few weeks we’ll be swapping over to these new servers. This will result in a few hours of downtime, but we will give you plenty of warning. You won’t notice a huge difference to the website when we switch servers, but everything should run faster and your experience will hopefully be better!


It’s back! (Well, almost!) When we switch over to our new server we’ll be introducing our range of Radio Lingua merchandise. In the early days we offered Coffee Break Spanish t-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers and due to popular demand we’ll be reintroducing merchandise linked to all our shows. Our designers have been busy creating some cool designs for language-learning Coffee Break fans and we’re excited to introduce this range of products to you.

In the meantime…

As ever, we regularly update our Facebook page and Twitter feed so if you want to keep in touch with us make sure you’re part of the Radio Lingua Facebook community and following us on @radiolingua.

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    • Andrea

      can you please let me know if there is a sales currently for the spanish course or if there will be one coming soon?



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