Today is the European Day of Languages and we’re celebrating by making some exciting announcements about new content from Radio Lingua.

The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine

cbsmag-2012-1400Since it first launched in 2006 Coffee Break Spanish has become one of the most popular Spanish courses. It has won awards and has been among the top education downloads on the iTunes Store year on year. We’re absolutely delighted to announce to our worldwide learning community that the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine begins today with a preview edition, giving learners a taste of what you can expect over the first season. Alba is back and has been interviewing people in the streets of Spain. We’ll help you develop your listening skills by hearing these interviews with real Spanish speakers talking at a natural pace about a whole range of subjects.

In addition to these interviews we’ll also be including a feature which we’re calling La frase idiomática de la semana in which Mark is joined by native speaker Laura and they’ll be discussing an idiomatic expression to help you increase your range of vocabulary and expression. Laura is from Granada in the south of Spain, so her accent will be quite different to most accents you’ll have heard on our previous Coffee Break and Show Time Spanish shows.

Finally, our Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will also feature a segment of Q&A Spanish where JP and Nahyeli answer listeners’ questions live on air. Over to JP:

I’m excited about the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. As you know I’m over at Q&A Spanish answering listeners’ questions with my friend Nahyeli. So on the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine we’ll be having little Q&A Spanish mini segments where we’ll take one question from a listener and answer it on the show. I’m very excited about this, and Nahyeli is delighted to be involved too!

The preview show goes live today and the main episodes will start next Wednesday, 3rd October. As usual, there will be a free version of the audio show, and a premium version. Premium subscribers will get an extended audio show with more interviews and analysis of the language used, comprehensive lesson notes, and access to the special video version of the interviews featuring Alba with her microphone on the streets of Spain! Full details of the premium content will be made available next week. We’re absolutely delighted to be launching this exciting addition to the Radio Lingua family of language courses and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the shows and find them an excellent way to spend your coffee break.

What about Coffee Break French?

Our French learning community may be thinking, “what about Coffee Break French?” Well, we’ve not long finished Season 3 of Coffee Break French and felt it was time to focus on Spanish for a while, mais ne vous inquiétez pas! The Coffee Break French Magazine will go live in January – we’re busy filming and recording content now in preparation for the magazine shows which will follow a similar style to the Spanish Magazine. This means there will also be a Q&A French segment in the show, so you can start to think about your language questions now! Find out more about Coffee Break French Magazine here.

Coffee Break French and Spanish iPad Study Packs

We launched the Kindle versions of our Coffee Break French and Spanish lesson notes recently and we’ve also had a small team working on repurposing the entire courses for iBooks on the iPad. We are really excited about this development – and the books look fantastic! In fact they’re so much more than books, and that’s why we’re calling them “study packs”. Each study pack features five lessons of the course. Each lesson starts with a video introduction which Mark has filmed in France or Spain explaining what is included in the lesson. The video versions of the lessons themselves include the words and phrases on the screen, and we’ve included a full set of lesson notes. You can take your own notes, highlight words and phrases you find difficult, and test yourself with short exercises. There’s even a set of study cards for each study pack so you can review the vocabulary covered. We’re submitting the Coffee Break Spanish Study Packs to the iBookstore for approval now. This process can take a few weeks, but as soon as they’re available in the store we’ll let you know!

On Location Languages

onlocation-languages-400We’re launching a brand new series today on the Radio Lingua website. Students studying languages at university often have the opportunity to spend a year working or studying in a country where their language is spoken, immersing themselves completely in the language and culture of that country. We’ve set up a project with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and over this academic year we’ll have “correspondents” in five European countries. Grace and Iain are both studying in different parts of Spain; Daniel and Holly are teaching English in schools in the north of Germany; Nicole is studying Italian and Law in Verona; Ailie is studying in Uppsala, Sweden, and Rose and Scott will be blogging from France.

Let’s hear from Scott now:

I’m on exchange studying at the Business School in Toulouse. I’m studying law, economics, marketing, finance and French – in French! I’m finding it a little difficult, but I’m enjoying it all nonetheless. I’ve been studying French since I was around 10 years old but this is the first time I’ve lived in France. It’s a real challenge! I’m one of a team of eight bloggers and we’re all very much looking forward to experiencing our years abroad and sharing those experiences with you through our blogs!

Each week our bloggers will be writing articles in English about their language-learning experiences, sharing what they’ve learned with the Radio Lingua community. We’re really excited to read these weekly blogs and you can read more about this project here.

Website updates

In addition to our content announcements today we’re also launching some news about the Radio Lingua website. We’ve recently introduced a new support system to make it easier for customers to get in touch with queries about our courses. There’s now a Support tab accessible at the left of every page of our website, or you can select Help Desk from the main menu. We’re going to be moving over to new servers in the next few weeks to improve the speed of the website and to help the delivery of premium content to our customers and at that point we’re also really excited to be re-introducing Radio Lingua merchandise! You’ll finally be able to buy Radio Lingua t-shirts, One Minute Languages clocks and even Coffee Break Spanish coffee cups! There’s more information about our website updates here.

So that’s just about it for our announcements today. Apart from …

One more thing!

cbg-master-1400We’re adding a new Coffee Break course to our catalogue! We’ve been very busy recording a complete series of Coffee Break German and this will be available from January 2013. We know that’s quite a while to wait, but we still have some work to do on bringing together all the materials for this brand new Coffee Break course.

The tables will be turned on our French and Spanish teacher Mark for this course: Mark will take the role of the student learning along with our listeners as our native speaker Thomas teaches everyone the basics of the German language in regular, structured lessons. There’s lots more information about Coffee Break German here.

So that’s all for our news roundup on this launch day celebrating the European Day of Languages. We hope that you’re as excited as we are about all our news. Please do let us know what you think of our announcements by posting a comment here on the website, on our Facebook page or by getting in touch via Twitter.

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    • Jess Mason

      Regarding the CBS Magazine, thumb up! thumb up! I have been listening to CBS, multiple times, and I tried Showtime Spanish, but found I wasn’t ready for it. My question is, I am interested in ordering premium content, but I’m not sure if I’m past the need for the premium content for the original CBS, and should go right to the Magazine content, which looks great. Does the premium content have anything like tests, so I know if I’ve really grasped the CBS material before I move on to the magazine? Otherwise, I think I might just take my chances on the Magazine premium content, as I’m sure I would learn a lot from it. If there’s no tests in the CBS premium content, is there some other resource you might recommend to help me test myself to assess my level?

    • Greg P

      Why have this big announcement about CBS Magazine, yet not have a link to actually get the magazine?

    • Jeff B

      Where is the magazine?

    • Amitabh

      Finally Coffee Break German. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All I need do now is wish for January to come faster.

    • David

      So pleased that Coffee Break German is on its way! Having enjoyed your Spanish and French courses, I was going to contact you to ask if you could recommend a German course in a similar style…and here it is!

    • Alexandra

      I love your podcast ! you guys are amazing !! I’m learning French&English at the moment and I’m really looking forward for the German course !

      Kind regards,

      Alexandra 🙂

    • Liz

      Looking forward to the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. Have just subscribed. Your courses are just fantastic
      in CBSM…. WHERE IS JOSE?????

    • Ronald Wiggins

      What a fantastic way to learn a language. Driving in my car I put on coffee break spanish and away I go. Phrases and words to introduce listeners to the working language.


      Muchas gracias!

      Ron from NSW Australia

    • Steve

      When can we expect the next issue? Remember: Always under-promise and over-deliver.

    • Sparky

      What’s up with the magazine? Long time, no episode. ¿Qué lástima?

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