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olit-nicole-introCiao a tutti! It’s Nicole here. I’m 21 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland where I study the slightly unusual yet rewarding combination of law and Italian. I am so glad that I chose Italian because it has led me to the beautiful town of Verona in the Italian region of Veneto where I will be studying law at the city’s University over the next year.

When I am back in Glasgow I like to keep myself busy and spend most of my time out socialising with friends and family. I also love being outdoors and enjoy going for long walks, whether it be around my home city or venturing out to some of Scotland’s amazing countryside. Another of my favourite past times is tasting good food and this is something I will be sure to continue whilst in Verona.

I cannot wait to become completely engrossed in a new culture and surround myself with all things Italian. I plan on being very open to trying new things and having new experiences. I also want to learn Italian from Italian themselves and not simply from a textbook.

I come from a big Scots-Italian family to whom I am very close and so the biggest challenge for me living away from home will be to avoid getting homesick. It is fair to say that I don’t have the best cooking skills (something about which my family love to tease me!) so perhaps not being able to enjoy my nonna’s home cooked meals on a daily basis will be difficult. However, hopefully I will come back from Verona and be able to whip up my own sugo good enough to rival hers.

So here’s to a year of meeting new people, experiencing new things, exploring different places, eating/cooking good food- and all whilst improving my Italian. Non vedo l’ora!! (I cannot wait).  A presto!

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  1. Best of luck! Being 21 and experiencing living in another culture is such a gift. I wish I had the wherewithal to do that when I was young. I yearn for it. I’m taking an Italian class though and plan to travel to Italy next year. It’ll be fun to follow your blog.


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