We’re introducing a new series today on the Radio Lingua website. As language-learners we don’t always get the chance to experience the language first-hand in a complete immersion experience. Many university language courses involve spending a year abroad and this year we’re delighted to bring you a series of weekly articles from our team of student bloggers who are studying or working in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

Our bloggers will be recounting their language-learning experiences in the story of their year abroad and you’ll be able to follow their stories as they experience living and working or studying in a foreign country, completely immersed in the language they are learning. This project is organised in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde where most of our bloggers study, but we also have representatives from the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrew’s.

Our French bloggers are Rose and Scott. Scott’s year abroad involves studying at Toulouse Business School where he’s continuing his studies of language and business in the beautiful city of Toulouse. Rose is working as a language assistant in the town of St-Brieuc in Brittany where she’ll be teaching English to French teenagers.

Holly and Daniel are studying German in Scotland and will be spending their year abroad in the north of Germany. Both Holly and Daniel are working as language assistants and are based in different towns in the northwest of Germany, near the city of Münster. Find out more about our German bloggers here.

We also have two bloggers living in Spain. Grace is studying at the University of Valencia in eastern Spain, and Iain is living in the university town of Salamanca in the region of Castilla y León in northern Spain. Back in Scotland Iain studies Business and Spanish, and Grace is studying Law with Spanish, and they’ll both be experiencing the challenge of studying their respective subjects in the Spanish language.

Like Grace, Nicole is also studying Law at Strathclyde University, but Nicole’s language interest is Italian and she’ll be continuing her studies of law – in Italian – in the beautiful city of Verona in the north of Italy. Find out more about our Italian blogger here.

Finally, we are delighted to be joined in this project by Ailie who studies Swedish at Edinburgh University. Ailie will continue her studies in Uppsala University in central Sweden, an hour north of Stockholm. Read Ailie’s introduction here.

Our On Location Languages blogs begin next week, but Rose, Scott, Holly, Daniel, Grace, Iain, Nicole and Ailie have already introduced themselves here on the site so follow the links above to find out more about our bloggers.

    4 replies to "Introducing “On Location Languages”"

    • vitalix

      c’est une bonne idée! j’attends leur histoires

    • Ben

      me encanta este idea 🙂 me muero de ganas!

    • Kimber

      This is fabulous! Not as good as being there myself, but I look forward to living vicariously through the blogs. Thanks for bringing this to us.

    • Francesca

      Mi sembra una ottima idea
      Ora stiamo a vedere cosa succede
      Un augurio di incoraggiamento a tutti i nuovi inviati


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