Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Promo episode

In this promo episode of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine, Mark outlines what listeners can expect from each episode of the show. The video episode (normally part of the premium materials) is included below to give you a feel for the new style of show:

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8 thoughts on “Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Promo episode”

  1. Mark and friends, this is a brillant idea and a novel departure from
    previous learning methods. The “taster” certainly whetted my
    appetite for more – ( I wonder how you say that in Spanish?)

    I do wish you all the best and hope you get the response and recognition
    from both old and new members to CBSM.

    Missing Kara…!


  2. RLN has used video in the past. Walk talk and learn French was great!! I look forward to expanding all my Spanish with cbs vids! Cannot wait to get back into German as well with Coffee Brk German. Das ist schmect gut yah!!!

    Like the Pointer Sisters sing Im so EXCITED!!

  3. How useful will the new Coffee Break Spanish magazine be for those of us who have already gone through Show Time Spanish? I loved STS and was hoping for a sequel. I know that Show Time Spanish was more advanced than the old Coffee Break Spanish. Will the magazine be more or less on that same CBS level? If so, do you have any plans/suggestions for those of us who are perhaps a bit more advanced but still far from fluent?

    Muchas gracias por adelantado.

  4. Sounds interesting Mark. I keep thinking I’m going to develop my own online lessons but every time I have what I think is a novel idea; it shows up in your next project. Anyhoo… I loved STS and have many comments and suggestions but this isn’t the place for them. One thing I loved about STS was the super-crisp audio which I was having problems with in this audio feed. Apart from ambient noise, the levels seemed a bit off. Good luck and let’s charlar sometime. Chris


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