We’ll be launching our new Coffee Break Spanish Magazine along with some other special announcements on Wednesday 26th September at 6:00pm UK time. The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will feature interviews with native speakers, phone-in help on grammar topics and special language features in each episode. The series launches on 3rd October, but we’ll release a preview show on the 26th September, giving you a taste of what will be included in the series.

Our other announcements include updates on our other series, and some very exciting news about a new Coffee Break language. Join us on 26th September at 6:00pm UK time to find out all our news. Find out when we’re launching in your timezone here.

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    4 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Launch “Event”"

    • Leo Viëtor

      Looking forward to the kick-off! Un Saludo desde Los Países Bajos, Leo

      • carol daniels

        Argh, I cannot locate the launch edition! I’ve searched every link on the page. According to my clock, it is currently after 3 in the morning in Scotland, but maybe its not like here where after midnight websites are known to update. Ok, I’ll just have to wait a few more hours!!!

    • carol daniels

      Lo ciento, yo estoy mui feliz para de primero episodio de revista. Es ahora de pasar al sigiente nivel!! Ojala que mis favorita ella Alba sera en el show!

      Hugs fm California !! Carol

    • Kaushal

      Estoy esperando para el lanzamiento!

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