Announcing Coffee Break German

Coffee Break GermanBist du fertig? Lass uns anfangen! We’re delighted to introduce to the world a new member of the Coffee Break Languages family: Coffee Break German will launch in January 2013.

Since 2006, Coffee Break Spanish and French lessons have been downloaded over 100 million times and we hope that Coffee Break German will be equally as popular among German learners throughout the world.

The tables are turned on Coffee Break Spanish and French teacher Mark in this series: he becomes the learner and is joined by native speaker Thomas and other experts in the German language, bringing you German language and culture in our 15-minute lessons. The series will be made up of forty lessons and will cover what you would expect from any Coffee Break course:

  • introductions and greetings
  • talking about yourself and your family
  • likes and dislikes
  • talking about your job
  • coping with language problems
  • ordering drinks and food in cafés and restaurants
  • checking into a hotel
  • shopping and services
  • directions and travel
  • illness and emergencies
  • talking about the weather
  • dealing with numbers, days, months
  • and much more!

Of course, the whole series will be delivered in a gradual, structured way and you’ll not simply be learning words and phrases: you’ll come to understand how the German language works and be introduced to the patterns of the language with the help of our Grammar Guru. You’ll also find out more about the culture associated with the German language and we’ll bring you reports from our Cultural Correspondent who’ll share many aspects of German, Austrian and Swiss culture with you.

Coffee Break German launches in January 2013. Until then we’ll be keeping you posted with further developments here on the Radio Lingua website. Bis Januar!

24 thoughts on “Announcing Coffee Break German”

  1. I have really enjoyed the coffee break spanish series. I speak fluent Spanish and live in Miami, but every lesson (well, other than the first 10 or so) had something in there that I had either forgotten or it helped me brush up on, either grammar or pronunciation-wise. My German is minimal compared to my Spanish, so I think I will get even more out of Coffee Break German. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I particularly enjoy Mark and Kara’s Scottish accents – they are a real treat.


    John A.
    Miami FL

  2. Delighted for learners of German that they are getting their own Coffee Break series. Have used both Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish and found them really useful. Have been hoping for a Coffee Break Italian series but I guess that is certainly not coming any time soon now. Anyway, best of luck German learners and keep the faith Italian learners – you never know – some day!!

  3. I am loving listening to Coffee Break Spanish. It is much more relaxing and natural than other methods I have tried.
    I’m now looking forward to brushing up on my German and hopefully traveling to Germany and Spain again with more confidence in my ability to communicate.

  4. Finally, can’t wait! I would also love to see another “Showtime Spanish”-level programme for some language other than Spanish.

  5. I’m a basic to Intermediate German Speaker.
    I loved flavour of German, but I was always hoping to see a “Coffee Break German”
    Really can’t wait to download and listen.
    Sad to hear that Julia will not be returning as I found her English speaking and German accent really easy to follow!

  6. I speak German and people have often asked if I could recommend an online course for them to learn German. My standard reply has always been that a podcast is easier to work into your schedule, but I’ve never seen anything as good as Coffee Break Spanish or Coffee Break French for the German language. I’m so excited to be able to refer people to Coffee Break German. If it’s anything like the others, I’m sure it will be excellent. By the way, My Daily Phrase Italian was also a huge help before a recent trip to Italy. Thank you!

  7. wow. right time!! I have decided to study German from January 2013 on. I have already downloaded most of your spanish courses which helped me a lot in my spanish language. Thank you very much guys, for some of us who can’t travel a lot and busy at work, we are so much dependent on your podcasts to learn new languages. My coffee breaks will be full of German language study.

  8. Really looking forward to CB German as I am revisiting my German language study prior to a visit to Germany later in the year. I enjoyed CB Spanish and Showtime Spanish and they were really excellent learning tools. I am Scottish so the accents make me feel as if I am listening the neighbours next door!
    I too would like to see a CB Italian at some point in the future.
    Keep up the excellent work – you have MY vote any day!

  9. I can’t wait to start the Coffee Break German. How do you sign up? Or
    is it automatic with this reply. I don’t know how to make sure I’m
    in the program. Help, anyone? Thanks!

  10. Hello,

    I’m so excited and waiting Coffee Break German badly. I had experienced ur lessons in CBF and they were outstanding sort of lessons, very useful and learnt sooooooo much out of it

    Hope CBG will be on the same level

    Waiting and by the way Jan has already started 🙂

  11. We have great expectations for the upcoming German program. When to start exactly and how far the program designed to go deep in such very coplex language. Moreover, how different will be your approach compareded to other German learning programs which in my openion dont meet the outstanding level of teaching such a language

  12. Wann fangt Kaffeepause Deutsch an? Mein Sohn moechte Deutsch lernen. Vor vielen Jahren sprach ich Deutsch, aber leider erinnere ich nicht genug um zu lehren!

  13. Hey guys, my brother and i are german enthusiasts . there are lots of books and programs to learn german but they lack the originality , the stuff that are happening in germany itself are not covered .
    i just downloaded and watched the announcement video via itunes and i’m excited to watch other videos !

    tnx in advance !



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