On Friday 27th July we launched our summer sale, coinciding with the opening of the Olympic Games in London. We decided to join the excitement of the coming together of athletes from around the world for this international sporting event and celebrate further language-learning opportunities. We started offering “a word a day” with a sporting theme on Twitter and also linked our sale to sporting themes.

It has come to our attention that the use of any words associated with the Olympic Games for commercial purposes is not allowed. We have therefore removed all reference to the games from our site and apologise unreservedly for any misunderstanding or misleading information as a result of our original post.

We will continue to offer our free “word of the day” on Twitter throughout the games. This is in no way connected to our sale. For information about our summer sale, please click here.

We value hugely the respect of our community of language learners around the world and hope that this has in no way offended any of our existing or potential customers.

Mark Pentleton
Managing Director, Radio Lingua Ltd

    4 replies to "An important announcement"

    • Eileen Armstrong

      Hello there,

      Do you know of any company/scheme whereby I could arrange say 3 to 4 weeks in France to help my French ? I would be willing to do some work in exchange for accommodation. I am 55 years old.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      My sincere best wishes


    • Lourdes Turner

      I have recently purchased the CBSpanish Complete, but am having trouble downloading both in iTunes and the member’s site – the authentication window keeps popping up even after I have entered my username and password (and cannot close the authentication window either). I have done everything — checked the letters are in lower case, removed security settings etc. Is there any other solution to this problem?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        It sounds like you have mistakenly clicked on a premium feed for which you don’t have a membership, so that will be why iTunes is asking you to authenticate all the time. Get in touch with us via the helpdesk and we’ll talk you through this. Hope this helps.

    • Danielle


      Will you be producing any more Coffee Break French lessons? I really enjoyed season 3 and want more!! Your lessons are so well thought out and the text that go with it are invaluable. Thank you!!


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