Episode 209 – Q&A Spanish

In this week’s Q&A Spanish, JP and Nahyeli deal with an interesting question from Steve about the expression dar por hecho which means “to assume” or in some situations, “it’s a done deal”. Find out exactly how to use this phrase in its conjugated form in this week’s episode with Nahyeli’s explanation. Lynn also has a question concerning the expression “me gusta” and exactly what the grammar is behind this. Is it a reflexive verb? Or is it something slightly different? JP comes to the rescue with a summary of how to use the verb “gustar”. As usual our experts offer plenty of examples to explain the answers to this week’s questions.

If you have a question for our experts, you can get in touch with the Q&A Spanish team at the Q&A Spanish page. Remember that we welcome all questions, even if you’re just starting out with Spanish!

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