cbsmag-slant-300Since we launched Coffee Break Spanish back in 2006, millions of learners around the world have joined Mark and Kara to learn Spanish. We introduced Show Time Spanish as a follow-up to Coffee Break a few years ago, and this proved to be extremely popular with more experienced learners.

It’s now time to introduce a new show which will be aimed at intermediate to advanced Spanish learners: the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will launch in September 2012 and will be a regular magazine show with news, reports, listeners’ questions and special features on grammar, language-learning tips and culture. Much of the show will be in Spanish, but we’ll also feature lots of explanations and language study in English, all presented by some familiar voices!

The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will be an audio show, and as usual there will be full text support in the premium version of the course. However we’re delighted to be introducing a video element to Coffee Break Spanish – we’ve been out with our cameras filming interviews with real native speakers on the streets, so we’ll be bringing you authentic Spanish as it’s spoken around the world. The video elements will also be part of the premium content.

There’s not long to wait – the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will launch in September 2012 and we’ll update you with exact launch dates very soon. We hope you’re as excited as we are to join us in the first series of our Coffee Break Spanish Magazine very soon!

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    36 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish – the Magazine Show"

    • Stephen

      Looking forward to this! 🙂

    • Amy Jo

      Sounds wonderful! I can hardly wait! I so enjoy Coffee Break Spanish, and I am sure that the new magazine will be icing on the cake! 🙂

    • Richard

      Really looking forward to the CBS magazine. I’m not sure it’s going to be the icing on the cake, more like the chocolate frosting on my cappuccino!

    • Anne

      I’m still a beginner verging on intermediate, but this sounds like a great way to improve!

      • carol daniels

        Fantastic!! Repeat them and then use Show Time Spanish to get to the next level. I go back to CBS y STS for reminders all the time!! Keep it up!!! 🙂

    • Catherine

      I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from CBS and STS. Looking forward now to the CBS magazine.

    • Cindy

      I truly can not wait! This is such a great learning tool. I have already learned so much from CBS and STS. Thank you for continuing to take care of your Spanish learners.

    • Jenna

      Can’t wait!!! Well, I’ve been waiting ever since Show Time Spanish ended, so I guess I can wait a bit more, but I’m so excited to have more Spanish content to listen to!! Thanks Radio Lingua!

    • Jim

      This will be a great addition to our learning resources. I look forward to it’s start.

    • Rosanne

      Looking forward to signing up for this.

    • M.C.

      Fantástico! Can’t wait…

    • Adel Resouly

      Any chance of a hard copy of the magazine please.
      Will you also consider printing the whole series of Coffee break Spanish
      in a hard copy format so that one can carry it round.
      I am sure there will be a lot of takers.
      Adel Resouly

    • wendell

      Great news for everyone. Any way to get the Olympic discount for this?

    • Hélène

      Great news! I’m looking forward to it!

    • Warren

      Marks lessons are good except when he starts talking about himself and then it gets very tiresome, a bit like a spoiled child.Stick to the Spanish Mark! Oh by the way,the English word your were trying to say is DOES not DIS!!

      • Isabelle

        My Spanish learning journey started with Coffeebreak Spanish and through that journey I got to know Mark, Kara, Alba and Jose and a little about their lives. when I first met Mark at the Language Show, I was able to relate to him and even enquire about his family – because he had shared a little of himself with us, the listeners. I am sorry that Warren feels negative, that’s his right, but it is sad.

        ‘DIS’ OR ‘DOES’ what ‘DO’ it matter so long as we all ‘DONE’ understanding?

        • carol daniels

          Yo estoy seguro!!

      • Sandra

        I agree with Isabelle that Mark’s talking a little about himself and his family has been a positive thing. I have learned a great deal from CBS and Showtime Spanish. I appreciate both Mark’s excellent teaching as well as learning a bit about him and his life. If I were ever close to a language show or some other teaching event that Mark was at, I would definitely make the effort to meet him, both because of his impressive teaching skills and his human side, shown through the self-disclosures he’s made on the shows.

        Mark, I must also say (and I hope you read these comments), that I love your Scottish accent; it makes learning Spanish so much richer. I tell all my friends about CBS and note as a bonus that you have a lovely Scottish accent.

        I’m glad to hear about the next steps with the magazine!

    • Andrew

      The Magazine sounds Fabulous!
      Through my restaurant we have turned dozens of people onto Coffee Break and
      Showtime Spanish with very positive feed back. Keep it coming.
      Oh, and I like the previous comment above. A hard copy would be wonderful as well.

    • Stan Kossen

      Muy bien. C’est bien. Bravo.

      Como siempre.

    • George

      ¡Tengo ganas de escchucar y ver las materiales!

    • Michael

      The long wait is over! Hooray!

    • Hae Su

      ¡Me alegro tanto de que estén produciendo esto!
      La verdad es que me muero de escucharlo lo antés posible:)

    • roberta

      It is so great to hear about something new and fresh for Spanish. Can’t wait for the September opening. How will it work for listeners to hear and participate–podcast subscription? Thanks.

    • joe

      maravilloso. ojala que te vaya bien!

    • carol daniels

      ¡Fantastico! ¡Fenomenal, gracias por sus noticias sobre la sigiente nivel de CBS. Saludos desde California, Heart CBS

    • C.J

      ¡Fenomenal, Mark !

      Having completed your courses ( I’ve been a member since 2006)
      all of which have been very helpful and instructive,this is wonderful news!

      I just can’t wait!

      The addition of audio video in a magazine style presentation format will
      make this a “must have,” for all your members, me included.


    • Michael

      Great. Finally there comes more !

    • lizzie

      Hurray! There are only so many times you can listen to STS over and over and over…

      And Mark – mon the Scottish accent! It disnae bother me

    • anees

      wonderful news, look forward to it. you have done a great job with the first two. thanks a lot

    • ager

      I’ve read a few good stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you put to create this type of excellent informative site.

    • Amanda Williamson

      This is the best news!!!!!
      I can’t wait! 😀

    • Carin

      Wonderful ! I have learned so much from Mark and now have more opportunity to benefit from his fantastic teaching skills…Wonderful !

    • Jeff B

      Estoy listo para aprender español con Coffee Break Spanish… de nuevo!

    • carol daniels

      MADRE MIA!!! Estoy mui emocionante!!! Favor Rapido rapido!!!!!! 🙂

    • Anne

      Mark is a fantastic teacher, and so are Kara, Alba, and José. Coffee Break Spanish successfully launched me into the Spanish language, and now Showtime Spanish is pushing me further along. Can’t wait to see this new magazine….

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