This help article outlines how Radio Lingua members can use the Downcast app to subscribe to the premium feeds directly from iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The app allows you to subscribe to the premium feed quoted on the members’ pages for our products using your username and password. With Downcast you can listen to audio (mp3) podcasts, view enhanced (m4a) and video (m4v) podcasts, and also manage the pdf guides which we supply as part of our members’ materials.

Please be aware that Downcast is produced by a third party and is not produced by Radio Lingua. For more information about the app, please visit the official Downcast website.

View the video below to find out how to use Downcast to subscribe to our members’ materials and to manage your content on your iOS device.

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    • Jennifer Morris

      I downloaded this site, Downcast, and got CBF lessons, but not membership material. PDF files are not visible.
      I did manage to sync transfer from my pc to the ipad, in crazy order and no pdf, but at least I have enhanced audio now.
      Still very glitchy.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        You have to use the premium feed as shown on the video. Whichever premium feed you’re subscribed to will be listed on the members’ page (choose the appropriate page from the top menu). As for the pdfs, you’ll need to install a pdf-compatible app such as iBooks (free from Apple). Then when you select the pdf in Downcast you will be able to press the Share to application button as shown in the video. Hope that helps.

    • Jennifer Morris

      my husband suggested I try emailing the pdf files to myself so I can open them on my ipad.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        That would certainly work. The other option which also works for the ePub content is using Dropbox – create a Dropbox account and create a folder into which you can drop all the pdfs or ePubs. Then you can download the Dropbox app on your iPad and access the files there. For the files which don’t open in Dropbox there’s an option to share them with another app – opening them up in iBooks will add them to your library.

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      An update from the developers of Downcast: for episodes that do not have audio/video content, you can tap on the “i” button on an episode row to view the episode’s details. Then tap the “export” button in the toolbar (far left) and it should allow you to send it to any app that supports the file type.

      In the demo we had tried to tap on the episode itself and got a play error, rather than tap on the “i” button. Great news!

      Thanks to the developers of Downcast!

    • Aron


      Mark I tried to view this video on my iPad….nothing showing. Don’t tell me it’s flash!!!!!

      I copied the link from my premium page and it didn’t like the “itpc” so I changed it to http. It shows the list of downloads, but when I try o download or stream I get “error”!

      Any ideas?

    • Aron

      Ok figured it out. I used the one click link instead of the one in box.

      In any case, thanks or heads up for this great app, a great way to study RLN on my iPad!

      Still, in future, video targeted to iPad audience should be iPad friendly! 🙂

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Aron! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We had mistakenly copied the wrong embed code which meant it was indeed a flash player! We’ve updated the embed code now and you should find it plays on your iPad.

    • Aron

      Sorry to be a nag, but further exploration showed there still IS a problem. When I did the above, I copied over the bronze link for CBS 1. I actually am a Platinum subscriber and when I copied that link, it failed. In fact, all links except the bronze don’t work. I haven’t tested it for my other subscriptions, but this should be fixed!


      • radiolingua radiolingua

        I’ve been trying to replicate this problem but everything seems to be working for me. The crucial thing is to use the correct url for the premium feed. I’m not sure of your account details but from your email address (in the comment admin) I think I’ve identified you. I’ve subscribed to CBS 1 Platinum using your details on my iPad and it works perfectly. Are you definitely using as listed on the CBS members’ page? So that we can identify you and solve this properly, please contact us via the Helpdesk (via support [at] It may be a good idea to ask for your mail to be directed to Mark on this one as the team isn’t fully up and running with the Downcast solution yet.

        • Kelly

          HI there! Can you give me the correct URL for CBF season 1 (silver)? I cannot find it on the member page. Thank you 🙂

    • Laure

      Agreed–this has been quite a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive lesson.
      After a couple of days of trying, I’ve not been able to use the materials on iPad.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Laure, I’m sorry you’ve had a frustrating time. I’ve tried to find your details in our membership site but can’t on the basis of the email address you used to comment. Like Aron above, if you contact the Helpdesk via support [at] then we’ll do our best to help you.

        It is worth mentioning that Downcast is not a Radio Lingua solution: it’s a third party solution that we have found which works for delivering our content. If and when we do provide our own app-based solution we will of course be building it specifically for our customers to ensure an easy experience for everyone.

        • Laure

          It was a tough slog, but it looks like I was finally able to get everything. I downloaded CBF to iTunes on a pc then sync’d the iPad. The key was perserverance–Season 3 really takes quite a long time to load, and timeouts were a big headache. Getting Season 3 CBF took pretty much the entire day (as a background task).

          There is a 1:30 item that was added to the files on 11March that hangs iTunes each of the half dozen times that I tried to get that one last piece.

          Finally, Apple pushes out “upgrades” at inopportue times which can exasperate any sort of problem.

    • Aron

      Thanks as always Mark for our great support and great products. I have contacted help desk,

    • Christine Sheffield

      I have just bought level 2a and 2b, can you please tell me how I can access the additional material? I am using an iPad but have very little technological know how and there seems to be a lot of assumed knowledge. However, I am really enjoying the podcasts that I have so far been able to access

    • Linda Heidel

      · March 7 2012, 01:22 AM
      Hello- I subscribed to season 2a and 2b (complete) of Coffee Break French. I followed the directions for using the Downcast app to get the lessons on my iPad. I enter the correct link to subscribe manually, plus my user name and password. It shows that lessons 41-80 exist, but when I request a download, it says error. When I select stream, it says media file error. Can you help me get the correct url?

      here’s what I entered:

      I submitted the problem via the help desk and have not heard back. The request is 23879fnkvef

    • Lorraine

      Hi, Mark,

      Thank you, this is EXCELLENT. While I have been able to download the ePub onto my iPad by opening them on your site and then opening them in iBooks, I very much appreciate being able to subscribe directly to the podcasts. I have had no problems so far.

      However, I hope you will forgive one small tangent: I am wondering, what application did you use to make the excellent instructional video, recording your entries into the iPad and so forth?

      Thank you for all your work and contributions to language teaching and learning,


    • Kelly

      I am having the same trouble downloading to Downcast. I HOPE I am entering the correct URL? I do not see where the different URLS are listed on the CBF member page. If this is wrong, can you give me the correct one for season 1 silver?

      Thanks! I am really looking forward to getting to work!

    • Kelly

      Quite frustrated still. I am unable to download the enhanced versions (with the proper url) on the iPad after downloading Downcast like suggested. I am also unable to subscribe to the premium feeds in iTunes as shown in this video. It does not recognize my name and password. I have checked that my password is correct under “control panel” All looks good, membership paid in full “CBS Level 1 – Silver”
      I have gone through the help desk with no response. Can I suggest an automatic response such as “we have received your request and will be addressing your problem with in ____ days”? That way the customer has some idea of how long it will take to hear back. Since you offer no phone support, I am quite frustrated and ready to throw in the towel…
      Sorry for the negative feedback.

      • Laure


        I too was seriously frustrated. I finally got a chance to start the classes over the weekend. The material is indeed EXCELLENT. Don’t give up!

    • Catherine

      I have a question. I am a premium subscriber for Showtime Spanish. I went to DownCast to get all the lessons and notes. Everything seemed to work like a charm in getting the materials and podcasts through DownCast, and as I worked through the first few lessons I did move the pdf’s over to iBook. So far, so good. However, starting with Lesson 06, DownCast only has the pdfs (the notes and Encore notes) and no podcasts. Not a huge issue, as I can get the podcasts through the Music/Podcasts native iPad app. But why no podcasts starting with Lesson 06? Seems weird.

    • Peter

      Greetings I just purchased lesson 4 after problems with paypal which I sorted out.
      I tried to open the lesson notes and received an error message telling me that I needed to close my Adobe application. Well its closed and I still get the error message. Any suggestions?

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