We’re delighted to announce the launch of One Minute Mandarin Enhanced Edition on the iBookstore. This course introduces the basics of Mandarin Chinese in short lessons of 2-3 minutes. It is based on the original version of the One Minute Mandarin audio series which we released in 2008. This new version includes video lessons which feature the words and phrases on the screen as you listen. View the video below in which Mark gives you a guided tour of this beautiful ebook.

Video lessons

The enhanced interactive edition of One Minute Mandarin includes ten video lessons. All videos include the phrases of each lesson in written form, both in Chinese characters and in the romanized Pinyin version. The book can be viewed in the iBooks app which is freely available to download from the App Store. iBooks allows learners to highlight items and to take notes.


Bonus features

In addition to the note-taking and highlighting functions, One Minute Mandarin Enhanced Edition also features interactive elements which will help learners get maximum benefit out of the materials and consolidate their skills further. Interactive elements include:

  • A comprehensive glossary of all Mandarin words and phrases included in the book;
  • Study cards function based on glossary terms;
  • Interactive audio flashcards;
  • Exercises


How to purchase One Minute Mandarin Enhanced Edition

Simply visit the iBookstore in your country and search for “One Minute Mandarin” or click on the appropriate country below. Please note that it is not possible to sell this book in countries where there is no iBookstore. Due to the terms and conditions of the Apple publisher’s agreement it is not possible to sell this book anywhere other than on the iBookstore. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Other titles

In addition to One Minute Mandarin we have also started developing iBooks versions of our other popular courses and these will be launched over the coming months.

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    • Lluisa

      Dear all,
      I would be keen to download 1 minute Mandarin when it’s available in the Australian store.

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