We’d like to apologise to the entire Radio Lingua community for the current problems with the website. We have posted the message on Facebook and linked to it on Twitter. We are also trying to send emails to our members through our members’ database.

As you know the site has been down over the past 24 hours and we’re continuing to work on the problem. We had a similar problem around eight weeks ago and at that stage we started the process of buying a new server and porting the site over. At the same time we addressed the problems on the old server and got the site back up and running while we began work on the server move.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we’re not a huge company with unlimited resources and a large technical team, so any major technical change will take time. We’ve been gradually moving everything over to ensure that all the parts of the site in its current state work as they should.

We’ve continued to monitor the old server very carefully and have addressed any problems as soon as they crop up. The latest problem seems to be significant and we’re doing our best to work through this as quickly as possible. As soon as we have this resolved we’ll restart the server and should be back in business!

In the meantime we’ll continue the work on the new server and we hope to make the switch in the next couple of weeks. This switch will of course result in some downtime, but we will keep that to a minimum.

As ever we would like to thank you for your ongoing patience and support, and we will endeavour to keep you up to date through Facebook and Twitter.

Best wishes,

Mark Pentleton
Director, Radio Lingua Ltd

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    • Tamara Maher

      Hi Mark,

      I’ve finished lesson 30 of Coffee Break French and am not able to download anymore lessons from iTunes. I’ve tried several times today. I was able to download and episode of 1 minute Italian and a Radio Lingua Podcast. Could this be related to the server problems?

      I must say, that I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons with you and Anna. I look forward to trying out my French this summer during a trip to France.



    • elmalak

      I’ve been studying french with you for a while and I am so happy.

      I’ve read about your site problems and from my experience working as a web developer and designer specializing in WordPress I’ve noticed that your site is based upon WordPress, so thought of sending you a note to offer my help if you need it.


    • Giampaolo

      helo Mark,
      i’m having problems in download coffee break French from Downcast, i read everytime
      that there is kinf of media problem, what’s hapened recently? last months it worked.
      wait for your reply

    • Catherine

      Hi Mark,
      I’ve finished and gone back and repeated Coffee Break Spanish and Show Time Spanish – they’re great! Is there another series in the works?

    • carol daniels

      Hi all. You can always get the content off Podcast Alley. The free stuff is there and I’ve never had a problem with it. One thing that u should do as a premium Member is to dowload the entire content tHat u bought into itunes or to an external harddrive. Problems happen. And hackers are out tHere so to keep your studies up the aforementioned option is helpful. Best of luck to mark derek and “todo lA gente de rln”

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