This week Sophie joins us from Le Marais where she is talking about the French institution that is le goûter – the late afternoon snack. She discusses a number of items of vocabulary including être accro à quelque chose, meaning “to be addicted to something”, and she also talks about some French delicacies in the form of Millefeuille and Madeleines. Find out more about Le Marais on Wikipedia.

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    4 replies to "Episode 9 – On Location French"

    • Scott Maxey

      Ou est Sophie?
      Elle me manque beaucoup!

    • Ben

      Qu’est-ce qui se passe? Revenez Sophie! Vous me manquez, aussi. J’espère que tout va bien.

    • sugar free coffee ice cream

      hi there – nice site. I’ll continue following it. Check out my Iguodala dunks mix video.

    • Denise Bowen

      This is a wonderful little gem of a series of lessons which I thoroughly enjoyed. It would be nice if Sophie could do a regular series of French video blogs with Radio Lingua. She has a very natural and charming presence on camera and her topics of colloquialisms and cultural tips will “come in handy “(colloq.) when I travel to France. Thank you very much.

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