In celebration of our 100 millionth download we’re launching our winter sale today and we’re offering 25% off all of our language courses bought on our site.

Until 23:59 on Saturday 31st December you can buy any one of our courses, including Coffee Break Spanish, Coffee Break French, News Time Spanish or Show Time Spanish at a hugely reduced cost. Please use coupon code winter2011 (lower case) on the signup form.

If you’ve previously purchased a membership or product from us, log into your Control Panel and add the relevant product from the drop down menu. Enter winter2011 in the “coupon code” box.

If you’ve not purchased an item from us before, you can view our full range of products here, or visit the appropriate store front for Coffee Break French, Coffee Break Spanish, Show Time Spanish, or One Minute Languages. When you complete the form, make sure you enter winter2011 in the coupon code area at the bottom of the signup page.


Please note that the 25% reduction will be applied at checkout.

EU customers should be aware that the prices quoted on our signup pages do not include VAT. If you use the coupon code easter then the 25% discount will be applied and then 20% VAT will be added to the total cost.

Please note that the sale only applies to items purchased directly on the Radio Lingua website through our membership system and is not applicable to products currently available in the iBookstore or Kindle store.

No refunds will be given on any materials purchased at full price during this time if the coupon codes have not been used.

*Our server is based in the UK, so “midnight” means midnight GMT. Just to be absolutely clear, our sale ends at:

31st December 2011 – 15:59 / 1 minute to 4pm in San Francisco
31st December 2011 – 16:59 / 1 minute to 5pm in Denver
31st December 2011 – 17:59 / 1 minute to 6pm in Chicago
31st December 2011 – 18:59 / 1 minute to 7pm in New York
31st December 2011 – 20:59 / 1 minute to 9pm in Buenos Aires
31st December 2011 – 23:59 / 1 minute to midnight in Glasgow
1st January 2012 – 00:59 / 1 minute to 1am in Paris
1st January 2012 – 01:59 / 1 minute to 2am in Cape Town
1st January 2012 – 02:59 / 1 minute to 3am in Moscow
1st January 2012 – 06:59 / 1 minute to 7am in Bangkok
1st January 2012 – 07:59 / 1 minute to 8am in Beijing
1st January 2012 – 08:59 / 1 minute to 9am in Tokyo
1st January 2012 – 09:59 / 1 minute to 10am in Sydney

    12 replies to "Winter sale starts today – 25% off all courses"

    • George Stokes

      I am considering purchasing some of your premium products but I’m not sure if they are compatible with my iPhone4S. Will they work on my phone?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Yes, all our enhanced podcasts work on an iPhone 4S. You can also use our pdf guides or epub versions (depending on which product you go for) in iBooks on your device which is available as a free download on the app store if you don’t already have it.

    • mary R Hodsdon

      What is the difference between the different levels? Silver gold platinum. I’m interested in coffee break french 3oo series.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        In Coffee Break French Season 3 there are no multiple levels: it’s all or nothing. For earlier episodes the different levels provide access to different elements of the premium materials, eg. bronze = lesson guides only; silver = lesson guides + enhanced podcasts (flashcards); gold = lesson guides + enhanced podcasts + bonus audio materials. For Season 3 we offer two options: either buy 3A (lessons 301-320) and 3B (lessons 321-340) separately, or buy them in a bundle as Season 3 complete. Hope this helps.

    • Phil Baker

      I previously purchased up to lesson 70 ( or thereabouts) . Do the lessons on offer here continue on from that base and do they include access to lessons 1-70 for revision purposes?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Phil. If it’s French content you previously purchased – ie. levels 1 and or 2 of Coffee Break French, then Season 3 of Coffee Break French is perfect for you. It will lead on from where you left off. There’s more information about season three here.

    • Kholoud

      I have a question. If I purchase more than one season will the discount be applied on all of them or just one? Thank you Mark.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        The coupon code can be used up to 5 times by each customer. However you will have to process individual purchases, using the coupon code each time as we don’t operate a “shopping basket” system. Hope that helps.

    • carol daniels

      ¡Enhorabuena para la lecion de cien millonésima! Me emocionan MUCHO de RLN … Carol

    • Britt

      I hope some day you’ll do Coffee Break Dutch. I really like your Coffee Break Spanish. Thank you for your hard work!

    • klaudeen

      are all the lessons free in ibooks? :[ it’s so hard to follow without the written data :[ i have to search in the internet or use my dictionary.. i really need all the PDF’s… but it’s sooo expensive..

    • Cathrin Whittaker

      Hi Mark

      I have purchased the plat. lessons and I would like to know how I could put them on my blackberry Playbook. Do I have to convert them ? I can’t put iTunes on to download the lessons, so how can I put the lessons on my playbook.

      Thanks so much


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