We’d like to apologise to listeners for the current delays with some of our shows including One Minute Arabic, One Minute Dutch, One Minute Flemish and Coffee Break French. Things have been extremely busy at Radio Lingua over the past few weeks and we’ve been dealing with some technical problems and the availability of the people involved in the shows. Everything should be back to normal by the week beginning 28th November and we’ll have new content for you to enjoy.

Sorry to all our faithful listeners for the inconvenience.

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    10 replies to "Delays with new lessons"

    • Zoey

      Take your time!

      You all have done so much for us already!


    • Kate

      Early on CBF used to talk about weekly lessons. While noone can complain about your free content, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have spent my money on series 3 if I had known the lessons would be coming out monthly. I will have received less than half the lessons I’ve paid for by the time I go travelling to France.
      I thought I should support you as I have enjoyed your free lessons but this service has been disappointing.
      When will Series 3 be completed?

      • Oxana

        I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with Kate. Delays are getting bigger and bigger. I was thinking about purchasing the whole version but have given up the idea. You should have informed the members like Kate at the beginnig. Since the service fails to live up to expectations, you shouldn’t require money for it. Let everybody enjoy the lessons freely or stick to your own promises. (Sorry for any mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker.)

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      Thanks for your comments. We’ve actually written to all our paying members this morning about the delays and given further details of when the future lessons for Coffee Break French will be published. Lesson 331 will be out next week. We have also explained to our members how we intend to make up for these delays.

      For information, the existing premium materials for season 3 (lessons 301-330) include over 14 hours of audio content and almost two hundred pages of notes. In the coming ten lessons there will be a further five hours of audio content and lots more in the way of lesson notes and exercises.

      I hope this comment and the information sent to members this morning will help to explain the situation.

      • Steve

        Hasn’t it been over a year already since a follow up to Show Time Spanish was announced and subsequently promised for release LAST month? Perhaps I’m confused. The French product is years ahead of the Spanish product!

    • Dave

      I understand both the frustrations and the reasons over the delays and am extremely happy with Coffee Break French and all Mark and company have put into it. I look forward to all of the future content and plan to sign up again. Consider this my cyber-Monday purchase of coming materials. Thank you for the discount you offered to your paying customers because of the delays.


    • Ann Magid

      I am a paying customer for season 3 of Coffee Break French, but I never receive these emails mentioned on the website. I do love the podcasts. I recommend them to everyone I know who is interested in learning either French or Spanish. Mark is an excellent language teacher, and I’m thrilled I found this website and these podcasts. But could you please be sure to add me to your email list?
      Thank you.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Ann, we send the emails to the email address you used when you signed up. Perhaps it’s worth adding support [at] radiolingua.com to your address book and checking your junk mail? The email was sent on 24 November if that helps.

    • Steve

      Mark: No comment on the follow up to Show Time Spanish? We’re starving here!!!

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Steve – we are working on new content at the moment. While Coffee Break French has continued into season 3, Spanish learners have had a whole season of Show Time. We’ll be adding a third season to CBS in the new year.

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