In this first lesson of One Minute Arabic, Mourad will teach you how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in Modern Standard Arabic.

These audio lessons are available free to download from our site and on iTunes. See the links below to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and receive all future episodes as soon as they are available. In the next couple of weeks we’ll launch the premium version of the show which features video versions and lesson notes.


One Minute Arabic Premium Edition

Access the premium version of this course in the Coffee Break Academy.

Includes video lessons and a course booklet.

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    2 replies to "Lesson 1 – One Minute Arabic"

    • Tim

      Great to have OML Arabic. Knowing a little Arabic already I hope the series helps with pronouciation as English speakers have some new sounds to form when speaking Arabic. Good luck with future episodes.

    • Nadya Mihova

      I would like to learn Arabic

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