Introducing Q&A Spanish

If you’re struggling with your Spanish and need some help, our new weekly Q&A show is just what the doctor ordered! Join teacher and language expert extraordinaire JP Villanueva and native Spanish speaker Nahyeli as they answer listeners’ questions. If you need some help yourself there are lots of ways to get in touch with us. Find out all about Q&A Spanish at the show’s main page.

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Q&A Spanish”

  1. Hi,

    I think the RSS feed is broken. When I open it in multiple RSS readers, it’s blank. However, I know there is content because I can see it with “View Source” in a browser (firefox in my case). Ask the tech team to fix the html tags or escape the characters correctly to make the XML RSS compliant so we can get it in our podcatchers!

    Love Showtime Spanish. Looking forward to Q&A Spanish!


    • Hi Tim,

      We’ve had a look at the RSS feed and think that the problems may have been related to the use of the & in the title Q&A Spanish. We’ve changed all occurrences of & to “and”. If you can give the feed time to catch up and try again, let us know if you have any success.

  2. Really a great podcast. Explains things nicely. I listened to Episode 1 and I am going to download it to my blackberry like all the others. I guess I was surprised to hear JP’s very American English accent; was not expecting that but it was quite different to hear. I have become so accustomed to hearing Scottish English, which I also love to hear!! You guys are always doing a fantastic job!! Thanks so much for everything!! Carol

  3. Ohhh great stuff! Questions straight from daily life Spanish 🙂 BUT I do miss the Scottish accent!! Looking forward to the new season CBS. JP does explain well though.

  4. I agree with Stephen: it was great to hear JP’s voice here.

    JP you were the best in SpanishPod (though Liliana and Leo were great as well). Hope to hear you somewhere again when this show is finished 🙂

    And thanks to Radio Lingua for your job, love your shows.


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