Radio Lingua is 5 years old – and we’re celebrating!

It’s five years since we launched the first lesson of Coffee Break Spanish, and since then we’ve served up millions of language lessons to learners around the world through our podcasts, our enhanced lessons and our ebooks. We’re delighted today to announce five new courses, and we’ll also be letting you know about a few exciting projects which are due … Read More

Introducing One Minute Arabic

Arabic is spoken by approximately 300 million people worldwide and it’s the official language of 26 countries! We’re delighted to introduce this course in Modern Standard Arabic, a variety of the language which is understood throughout the Arab world, from Casablanca to Kuwait! In weekly lessons of just a few minutes you can join Arabic language specialist Mourad and learn … Read More

Introducing One Minute Dutch

We’re delighted to introduce our new Dutch course in the popular One Minute Languages series. Join Mark and Dutch language teacher Fons and learn the basics of Dutch, starting Thursday 20th October for ten weeks. Listen to the promo by clicking the play button below, or use the download link to download the episode to your computer or play it … Read More

Introducing One Minute Flemish

Along with our new Dutch course, we’re also offering a course in Flemish, the variety of the language spoken in Belgium. It’s one of three official languages of Belgium, and we hope that you enjoy learning with Mark and Kurt. The course begins on Friday 21st October and lasts ten weeks. Listen to the promo by clicking the play button … Read More

Introducing Q&A Spanish

If you’re struggling with your Spanish and need some help, our new weekly Q&A show is just what the doctor ordered! Join teacher and language expert extraordinaire JP Villanueva and native Spanish speaker Nahyeli as they answer listeners’ questions. If you need some help yourself there are lots of ways to get in touch with us. Find out all about … Read More

Season 3 – Lesson 27 – Coffee Break Spanish

This week we return to a topic we covered previously – in response to listeners’ requests. It’s time to look at your tricks and tips for language learning. Mark and Alba talk about the suggestion of one of our listeners which involves printing out internet texts and cutting out the words. Listen to the episode for more information and further … Read More