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Since the launch of iBooks for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad we’ve been steadily repurposing our existing content for this new platform. However, we have also been working on some new content, pushing the possibilities of the format as far as possible. We’re very pleased today to announce that the first in the series of Focus on French is now available in the iBookstore. This first ebook features the basics of French conversation and is aimed primarily at learners of French in secondary schools. The content will, however, be useful to all learners of French. Best of all, Focus on French Conversation is a free download in the iBookstore!

Each chapter of the book begins with a short video presentation by our bilingual presenter Anaïs. Anaïs grew up speaking French but has lived in Scotland for the past few years so she has perfect French and English. Every phrase in the book is accompanied by an explanation, pronunciation tips and an audio clip, giving learners the chance to practise their own pronunciation. At the end of the chapter there’s another video in which Anaïs tests your understanding of what has been covered.

Future books in the series will cover grammar and common vocabulary areas useful for exam revision. These books will be launched in the coming months and we intend to have a whole range of titles available by exam time 2012 to help students prepare effectively for their exams.

iBooks can be viewed on all iOS devices including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You need to have the iBooks app on your device, and the title is downloaded directly through iTunes.

Focus on French Conversation can be downloaded from the links below:

Please note that because of the audio and video files included in the book it is 269mb and must therefore be downloaded via a wifi connection.

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    16 replies to "Focus on French – free iBook from Radio Lingua"

    • Chris

      I downloadad Focus on French Conversation although I do not have sn IOS device. How can I use this tool directly in itunes?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Unfortunately there is no tool for the time being which will allow the viewing of iBooks with multimedia elements on a Mac or a PC. There are tools which allow you to view ePub-formatted ebooks on computers, and indeed on other ebook readers, but none of them so far allow you to view the multimedia elements. Focus on French is an iOS-only publication for the time being – sorry!

    • Krist

      Thanks for developing and posting this ebook.
      It works great on my Ipad 2.
      The videos are very helpful and keep the material interesting, kudos to Anais. Nice job on creating such an interactive learning experience, this is the future of foreign language learning.

      I hope to see more iBooks in this format soon.

    • Terry Morris

      Brilliant !!! What more can I say ?

    • Hugo

      Hello Mark, first of all I want to say thank you for the great material posted in Cofee Break French. One suggestion I have is if you or your team are considering to enable the iBooks for Android tablets platforms. This is a big trend in mobile devices today, and it would be sad for us “Androiders” to be left out of your great courses.

      Just a suggestion, and I look forward continuing my progress in French with you


      • radiolingua radiolingua

        @Hugo, with regard to Android, we’re not aware of an ePub reader for Android which copes with audio and video in the same way as iBooks does on iOS. Please do let us know if you have come across something which would work.

    • Alessandro

      Great Guys!!!
      could you please post it also to the Italian iBookstore?


    • radiolingua radiolingua

      With the launch of 26 new iBookstores this week we’re delighted to announce that Focus on French Conversation is now available in 32 countries.

    • mirna

      hello Mark, thank you so much for helping me with my french!!!… the ebook is such a brilliant idea!..i was wondering if at some point, you guys are planning to have real french classes somewhere online??there is a chat messenger called paltalk.. where you can give classes to people and lock the room..

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Unfortunately at this stage we don’t have the capacity to have ‘live’ classes online. We’re a very small company based in the UK so it just wouldn’t be possible at this stage. But never say never…!

    • Yan

      The link for China is???
      By the way, mark’s voice sounds so warm. 🙂

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Unfortunately there is no iBookstore in China – yet. As soon as Apple launch an iBookstore in China we’ll have our content available for download and purchase in China!

    • Surbhit

      Hello Mark..i’ve just started off and I’m in love with French !! By the way is there an iBooks store in India?also I am having a bit of problem with the spellings…how do I rectify them?this is an awesome medium to learn new languages ……great work!!

    • Sandra L. Martin

      Hi, Are these iBooks available In English to Focus on Spanish and other languages? It appeared to me on the site that this iBook was only available for the student learning French? It would help to have this iBook available for the student of of other languages which is offered on this excellent site! Thank you.

    • Jesse

      When will this free iBook be available in Asia, in Singapore to be particular? Hope it becomes available soon! Thanks!

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