As you all know, Coffee Break Spanish level 2 came to an end with lesson 80 and we’re planning to follow up the course with similar content to our Season 3 of Coffee Break French. However, we’ve only just started working on this content, so it’s likely that it will be available later in the year.

We have been asked about the next steps for Coffee Break Spanish listeners and it seems that many listeners have not heard of our intermediate/advanced course Show Time Spanish. We’ve decided to add the Show Time Spanish episodes on the Coffee Break feed over the next twenty weeks, with two lessons per week. The materials are definitely more challenging, and ideally there would be a bridging course between the two. That’s exactly what Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 will provide, but in the meantime we hope that you find our Show Time episodes enjoyable.

Show Time on Coffee Break Spanish will begin tomorrow, on Tuesday 7th June and will continue twice-weekly for the next twenty weeks.

As with Coffee Break Spanish, our Show Time Spanish course features a range of additional materials which can be purchased as a “Season Pass”. For Show Time this Season Pass offers a full transcript of all the Spanish used in the text, lesson notes, and bonus listening materials which provide extra practise of the language covered in each lesson. We offer Season Passes at £47.00 GBP (+VAT for EU customers) for Season 1 (lessons 1-20) and Season 2 (lessons 21-40), and for the first time today we’re introducing a Complete Show Time Spanish Season Pass (lessons 1-40) for £84.00 GBP (+VAT for EU customers). Please click on the links for each pass, or if you’re an existing customer, log into your Control Panel and add the pass to your membership.

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    5 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish future plans"

    • "C"

      Hi Mark and Team, It is I, @loveCBSpanish once again mui pero mui contenta ¡acerce de sus noticias! Esta es justo que mi gusto y ¡Muchisimas Gracias! por este regalo. With all that’s happening there with the team, wow, I pray you all at least can go on holiday this summer! Here’s to an awesome team, your work is sooooo very much appreciated, and see you on Facebook! Ciao!

    • Habilidad

      Hi Mark,

      I have been wondering why the Perfect tense has not been differentiated into Present and Past Perfect?

      I have reached till lesson 73 but I see that Present Perfect is used to translate both Past and Present Perfect in English.

      e.g. As per this podcast, “I had finished my homework this morning.” would be translated to “Ha terminado mis deberes esta mañana.” instead of “Yo había terminado mis deberes esta mañana.” Here “ha terminado” is present perfect: have completed and “había terminado” is past perfect: had completed.. right?

    • Joe

      Dear Mark:
      1- I’m being able to download just 40 audio lessons. Where can I find the other 40?

      2- When will you publish the new season? CANT WAIT FOR IT!!

    • Mark

      Dear Mark,

      Is there going to be a Coffee Break Spanish Season 3?

      I have paid for Show Time Spanish, but I find it a little difficult. Am I supposed to understand everything that is being said?

      I am so keen to learn and have taken all 80 episodes of CBS and feel I have a pretty good grasp of the grammar. I’m not too sure what to do at the moment.

    • Patrick

      I have the same question as Mark above? Can we expect a season 3 of CBS? I have completed units 1 and 2 and I’m looking forward to practicing what I’ve learned when I visit Spain for the first time in 3 weeks but I would like to take my learning to the next level!

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