kindle-cbsFollowing many, many requests from our listeners we’ve been working on making our most popular language courses available on the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be making available our most popular courses on the Kindle, starting with Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French.

Coffee Break Spanish and French will be serialised in groups of five lessons, so Coffee Break Spanish Part 1 will include the comprehensive lesson guides for lessons 1-5. Part 2 will feature lessons 6-10, and so on.

Please visit Radio Lingua at, or to find out more about our Kindle editions of our most popular courses. The ebooks are being added gradually, so you may find that not all lessons are available immediately. Part 1 is available at a special introductory price: check the UK / US or German store for local pricing.

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    3 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish debuts on Kindle"

    • Allan Moffat

      Have downloaded the new Kindle books for CBS but what has happened to the rest? They are really helpful and I have used them a lot. I was hoping they would keep pace with the programmes. Are there going to be any more? Would like to know what the situation is please.

    • Sarah Tate

      I’m wondering why the Coffee Break Spanish part 4 is not available on Amazon at this time. I just discovered them, and would really like to get it for the Kindle app on my iPad. What’s the deal?

    • Susan Mckay

      Love the coffee break series.They provide a genuinely useful introduction to a language.
      Was wondering if it would be possible to provide study guides for Italian and the later German lessons?

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