CBF 324 Free Bonus: Extended version

This week we’re offering a special treat for our free subscribers: the extended version of our lessons is normally only available to subscribers, but this week we’re giving this extended version away free to our non-members to let you know what you’re missing! The extended version features the same basic content as the free lesson, but there are over 15 minutes of extra explanations, examples and tests to help you understand more of the language covered.

Use the play link below to listen to the extended version, or access it through the normal iTunes feed. We hope you enjoy this free bonus!

If you like what you hear, you may wish to consider becoming a member for this season of Coffee Break French, you can purchase Season 3B (lessons 321-340) for £37.00 (+VAT in EU). If you prefer you can opt for Season 3 Complete (lessons 301-340) for £64.00 (+VAT in EU). If you’re an existing user, log into your Control Panel and choose your preferred option. If you’re new to Coffee Break French, choose between Season 3B (321-340) or Season 3 Complete (301-340) in our store. You may also be interested in Coffee Break French Season 3 on the iBookstore.

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