CBF 324 Free Bonus: ePub / ebook / PDF

This is the second of our free bonus items for this week’s episode of Coffee Break French. The ePub / ebook version of our lesson provides the lesson notes and audio clips in a convenient ebook format which can be played on all iOS devices including iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The ePubs have proven very popular with our members, and we hope that you find this useful. Please note that the multimedia elements will not work correctly on other ebook readers, and this ebook will unfortunately not work at all with the Amazon Kindle. eBook readers are unfortunately not yet standardised and at the moment it is not possible to create a Kindle version of our multimedia enhanced ebooks.

If you’re not able to use the ePub version, you can download our PDF lesson guide. There are no audio clips in this version, but you will still be able to access all the language notes, transcript and vocabulary associated with the lesson.

Download links: ePub for iOS devices | PDF document

If you’re an iTunes user you can download the ePub file using the link above and drag it into your iTunes library. You may also need to download the free iBooks app from the App Store. You can then sync it to your device and enjoy our free lesson. If you’re viewing this website on an iOS device you can use the ePub download link above and open in the iBooks app. We hope you enjoy this free bonus!

If you would like to be able to access the ePub and PDF version of every lesson, you may wish to consider becoming a member for this season of Coffee Break French. You can purchase Season 3B (lessons 321-340) for £37.00 (+VAT in EU). If you prefer you can opt for Season 3 Complete (lessons 301-340) for £64.00 (+VAT in EU). If you’re an existing user, log into your Control Panel and choose your preferred option. If you’re new to Coffee Break French, choose between Season 3B (321-340) or Season 3 Complete (301-340) in our store. You may also be interested in Coffee Break French Season 3 on the iBookstore.

6 thoughts on “CBF 324 Free Bonus: ePub / ebook / PDF”

  1. Hi – I’m trying to get the free bonus pdf for season 3 (lesson 324 & ??) but the link doesn’t work. I am interested in purchasing membership but am waiting for a discount and also to see a sample of what is available.

    I also want to find out if you have voice recognition yet — Babbel offers that, but I prefer your lesson format.

    Please advise.
    Thanks -debbie

  2. Debbie, the link in this post seems to be working correctly for us. Have you tried right-clicking (control-clicking on a Mac) and saving the file then opening it with Adobe Reader (or Preview on a Mac)?

    We don’t have voice recognition. We provide lessons which you can use on the go, rather than a system which would require you to be using a computer or device at the time of learning. Hope this helps.

  3. “J’avais fait des photos de la nourriture que j’ai préparée et je les ai montrées aujourd’hui à mes camarades de classe”

    Since he cooked the food first, then he took the photos, then he showed them to his class, shouldn’t it be:

    “J’ai fait des photos de la nourriture que j’avais préparée et je les ai montrées aujourd’hui à mes camarades de classe”?

  4. I recently bought the first epub that comes with audio. Can I read it on the Nook Color? I can’t seem to read it after I upload it to the nook.

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