ad09-audible-300From time to time we partner with carefully selected companies which compliment our range of language courses. One of these partnerships is with, the internet’s leading provider of spoken audio entertainment. Listeners in the US and Canada may hear a special message on many of our podcasts offering a free audiobook. provide tens of thousands of titles to choose from, including many audiobooks which are perfect for language learners. You can browse the languages category at to see what’s on offer, but to get your free audiobook, please sign up through our special partnership page at You can find out more by visiting the partnership page. Please note that the special messages will only be heard on the public versions of the episodes, and they will not be included on any premium content including the enhanced version of the podcast. We hope you take advantage of this special offer.

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    • Jackie Sandler

      Great job!

    • Huang Yun-Ju

      I would like to learn french

    • sunny

      I am a student

    • annvi

      great stuff… many thanks for sharing!

    • Petronella Breinburg

      Muy bein

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