ibook-cbf-301-305-600We’re delighted to announce that the first part of Coffee Break French Season 3 (episodes 1-5) is now available in the iBookstore as an enhanced ebook featuring audio clips and the full recordings of the exclusive extended version of each lesson. Getting the formatting for the iBookstore exactly right has taken a bit of time, but we’re delighted that we’ve finalised this first part of CBF Season 3. We’ll soon have lessons 6-10 available, and in the next couple of weeks we’ll add 11-15.

This is an alternative way to access our learning materials: if you’re already a member of Coffee Break French Season 3 then you will already have access to ePub versions through our members’ system. We’ve created this iBook version of the course as an alternative route for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad owners who would like to access our content in a very handy way and purchase the title through the iBookstore using their iTunes account. Please note that due to licensing restrictions we cannot offer our existing members a crossgrade to this product in the iBookstore.

We’re really excited about our first Coffee Break French title in the iBookstore – and there’s lots more to come! If you’d like to find out more about this title, click on the appropriate link below for your region. You can download a free sample through iBooks. If you don’t already have iBooks, click here.

Purchase Coffee Break French Season 3: lessons 1-5 in the iBookstore:

We know that many of you are looking forward to accessing our content on your Kindle. At the moment the multimedia options for the Kindle are fairly limited in comparison with iOS and since much of our content depends on that multimedia content we’ve not yet released Kindle versions of our courses. We are, however, working on this and hope to have at least text versions of some of our courses available for Kindle in the near future.

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    7 replies to "Coffee Break French Season 3 now in iBookstore"

    • Greg

      It’s a great book, but I’m only seeing the audio excerpt feature for the very first excerpt. Subsequent excerpts instruct you to “click on the play button” but there is no imbedded audio for these.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Sorry you’re having problems, Greg. We’re looking into this. Obviously we tested the file thoroughly before submitting it to the iBookstore but we’ve downloaded a copy and we’re trying to replicate the issue you’re experiencing, so far without success. It seems to be working as expected for us. We’ll look into this further and get back to you.

    • Natalie

      I just finished lesson 301 using the book on iTunes. It’s great! It’s the first enhanced version of CBF that I’ve used. I have 2 questions: 1) When will the rest of the lessons for season 3 be available on iBook? 2) Are the previous seasons going to be made available this way as I would like get lessons 71-80 as the enhanced versions but I really don’t want the entire season in the member’s version?

    • Andrey

      Guys, why do you limit iBookstore purchase to the countries above?? I am in russia and i can’t make the purchase (((

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        The iBookstore purchases are limited to the areas where Apple has iBookstores: US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany. You should be aware that the ePub versions of our lesson guides are very similar to those sold within the iBookstore and you can purchase these anywhere and access them on your iOS device.

    • Superflymarco

      Hi there, love the coffee break French … Trying to re-learn things from way back at school 🙂 …. Will you be making from series 1, lesson 1 all the way up to now in ibook versions as this would be very helpful …. Thanks

    • Helle Mathar

      can I buy season 3? I live in Denmark?

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