We’re delighted to announce that Radio Lingua is now an official publisher on the iBookstore. Our first title is now available – the iBook version of our One Minute Spanish course. iBooks can be viewed on all iOS devices including iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. You need to have the iBooks app on your device, and the title is purchased directly through iTunes.

This iBook provides all ten lessons of the course in video format, along with notes and further explanations, and includes the same content covered in the traditional “podcasts + pdf lesson guide” version of the course. You can purchase this iBook directly from the iBookstore in the iBooks application.

One Minute Spanish is available at a special introductory price until 31 December in the following iBookstore countries:

We’ll be adding to the range of titles available, beginning with our other One Minute courses – in all 24 languages. We’ll then be reformatting our existing courses including Coffee Break French and Spanish as iBooks including audio and video material where available. We also have plans for special iBooks on a variety of topics.

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    • Muh

      Hi Kim, You need to first download the eBook to your cpmouter and uncompressed the .zip file, by double-clicking. The eBook is in a .PDF format. Once you have the .PDF eBook you can transfer it to your iPad through iTunes. Open iTunes and drag the .PDF eBook file from your desktop over to the “books” tag in iTunes. The file will load up in iTunes and then be available to transfer to your iPad or iPhone. The eBook will appear in the iBooks app. Let me know this works for you. Thank you,Kent

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