News Time Spanish – 23 December 2010

In our final episode of this season of News Time Spanish our stories include:

  • The cost of Christmas in Spain and the famous pre-Christmas lottery draws
  • A housing crisis in Argentina
  • New smoking laws in Spain
  • Cuba creates its own Wikipedia
  • Electric cars for hire in Paris

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2 thoughts on “News Time Spanish – 23 December 2010”

  1. This is well after the fact, since I’m commenting in July, 2011. Nevertheless I found two errors in the translation on the answers .pdf file. To wit:
    causando cuatro fallecidos is translated as “causing THREE fatalities” and
    demostrando la impotencia de la policía is translated as “demonstrating the IMPORTANCE of the police”

    • You’re right.

      causando cuatro fallecidos = “causing four fatalities (deaths)” (cuatro = four)

      demostrando la impotencia de la policía = demonstrating the impotence of the police” (impotencia = impotence)


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