With Season 3 of Coffee Break French we introduced ePub versions of the lesson guides. The ePub versions can be used on iOS devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad through the free iBooks application available from the App Store.

The ePub guide combines the text of the lesson guide with audio clips from the lessons. In addition, the iBooks application allows users to change fonts, text size, even the colour of the paper the guide is written on! You can take notes, highlight text and access links.

When we first introduced the ePub versions, iTunes didn’t seem to allow the automatic transfer of the ePubs from the podcast feed into the Books library of iTunes. However, it seems that iTunes can now transfer the ePubs automatically. We’ve updated the premium feed of Coffee Break French and our premium members should now find that if they update the premium feed the ePubs will transfer into their Books library.

If you would like to access the ePub version of our lesson guides, you can sign up for the members’ materials. The full members’ pack of 40 episodes which will be published weekly over the next year costs just £47.00 (+VAT in EU) and can be purchased from our store, or if you’re an existing user, by logging into your Control Panel.

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    • Mike Davidson

      Great! But, how do I get these lesson guides for Coffee Break French?

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