Coffee Break French has been used by hundreds of thousands of learners around the world and earlier this year we published the 80th lesson, marking the end of the course. Since then we’ve been inundated with messages from learners who are desperate for more French content, so we’re delighted to be announcing that Coffee Break French Level 3 launches on 18th October. This new season features brand new content aimed at intermediate learners who have completed the 80 lessons of the course. We’ll be introducing you to new characters and Mark will continue to help you develop your range of vocabulary and your ability to use the language effectively.

You may be interested in our new Platinum Level 2 materials which include review exercises for lessons 41-80, along with access to the abridged versions of the lessons, allowing you to get straight to the learning content. If you’re an existing member you can upgrade to the Platinum materials through your Control Panel. If you’re new to Coffee Break French then you can purchase levels 1 and 2 Platinum or level 2 complete Platinum. Now’s the time to catch up in preparation for Level 3! If you purchase before midnight on 11th October 2010 then don’t forget to use the coupon code 101010 to get 10% off the products!

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    8 replies to "Coffee Break French returns 18th October"

    • Kathy Hill

      This is wonderful news! I am so happy. I loved Coffee Break French and I have really missed it. I have a French Major, but I hadn’t used it for years. I am rediscovering the language.

    • Mike D.

      Woo-hoo, glad to hear it!!

      Merci beaucoup!!

    • Marcy @ Florida

      Hooray!!!! Thanks Mark!

    • Karen

      Great! I’ve missed everyone! And my French needs lots of work before I go to Paris in November. THANKS coffeebreak french

    • moorefrancais

      C’est magnifique! I’ve been having Coffee Break French withdrawals so I look forward to the new lessons!

    • Paula

      So pleased there will be a Level 3 of Coffee Break French. I’m wondering whether it will be similar to Show Time or even News Time Spanish.

    • Kristin

      So looking forward to the next level! I went to France for the first time last month and would not have been able to converse with others had it not been for Coffee Break French! Keep the good content coming.

    • Cesar

      Nice!!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long!
      Thank you very, very much for not leaving us hanging here.
      Big cheers from Brazil 😉

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