This video will help you access the premium materials for items you have purchased through the premium feed system in iTunes.

    6 replies to "RLN Guide: Using premium feeds in iTunes"

    • Gina Wadley

      This was a helpful video, but I turned up my volume as high as possible and couldn’t hear it very well.

    • Kelly

      Quite frustrated still. I am unable to download the enhanced versions (with the proper url) on the iPad after downloading Downcast like suggested. I am also unable to subscribe to the premium feeds in iTunes as shown in this video. It does not recognize my name and password. I have checked that my password is correct under “control panel” All looks good, membership paid in full “CBS Level 1 – Silver”

      I have gone through the help desk with no response. Can I suggest an automatic response such as “we have received your request and will be addressing your problem with in ____ days”? That way the customer has some idea of how long it will take to hear back. Since you offer no phone support, I am quite frustrated and ready to throw in the towel…

      Sorry for the negative feedback.


    • David Garces

      The video don’t work (I use Chrome)

    • rami 82

      I had the same problem that kelly had ..the password is not working properly while it works in coffee break spanish properly

    • Christine Brooks

      Hi folks. I just love the free podcast and it has been really great for me. I have learned SO much. However. I have paid for and am trying to subscribe to the Season 3a package and just can’t get the members audio to download – I have tried it via itunes and downcast but am still getting no further. Help…. anyone….??

      If anyone can help, I will be happy to update this feed with the info

    • Paula Hinz

      I can’t access the informational video on how to use iTunes to access my new member materials. Feeling a bit of a letdown! I liked the site when it was free, now I’m wondering if I made a smart decision to buy into it:(

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