This video explains how to transfer our lesson guides in ePub format to iBooks on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Our lesson guides are available as part of our premium content. Currently only new Coffee Break French, News Time Spanish and One Minute Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian are available with ePub format lesson guides, but we intend to work through our back catalogue and convert the content to this format.

Please note that the latest version of iTunes appears to transfer ePubs in premium podcast feeds straight into the Books library of iTunes. This may mean that you do not have to go through the steps in this video.

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    • John Williams

      This looks like an ineresting innovation. When will Coffee Break French be available, which sections and at what price?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        The ePub versions of the new series of Coffee Break French (Season 3) are already being published. You can download a sample on the main Coffee Break French page (scroll down to “Members Materials – Season 3”). If the ePubs go down well then we’ll start the (long!) process of reformatting the existing content for lessons 1-80 in this way. Hope that helps.

    • Helen

      Will the ePub versions work with any other book apps? I can’t use iBooks because my software isn’t up to date and iTunes won’t let me update my software! Have downloaded Stanza but my books aren’t synching with my ipod.

    • Debbie

      Do you plan to offer a version for the Android or windows operating systems? Those are huge markets that you are excluding — I’d love to purchase, but can’t read your files because I don’t use iOS devices.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        We’re not as familiar with Android but as far as I know there are a number of ePub readers for Android eg. Aldiko, CoolReader, Laputa Reader and WordPlayer. We’ve not tested these, so it’s possible that the audio/video elements may not play. Does anyone else happen to know the answer to this?

    • June

      I have purchased the e books of coffee break French 1-5 and 5-10
      When will the next set be issued
      Having purchased these two books do I now get a membership number?
      The audio versions are good but the E book is even more useful as this helps with the written French.

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