Radio Lingua celebrates four years of language-learning

ad10-4thbirthdayOn 18th October 2006 a new Spanish course was released on iTunes. Coffee Break Spanish soon became one of the most popular ways to learn Spanish online. Since then we’ve grown and we now offer 33 courses in 23 languages, including two new languages added this week, Swedish and Ukrainian.

We’re also delighted to report that over the past four years our lessons have been downloaded over 80 million times by learners around the world – that’s around 55,000 downloads per day!

This week is a big week for Radio Lingua. We’ve been in London over the past few days exhibiting at the Language Show and later today (Monday) we’re launching our long-awaited new season of Coffee Break French. We’ll also be launching a new season of News Time Spanish later in the week, along with new One Minute Languages courses in Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Ukrainian and Swedish.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our listeners for continuing to support us by learning with our free courses, and a special merci / danke / gracias to our members who make it all possible. Here’s to many more years of language-learning with Radio Lingua!

Have our courses helped you? We’re always looking for testimonials we can use on our website and marketing materials, so if you’ve found any of our courses useful, please let us know by posting a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Radio Lingua celebrates four years of language-learning”

  1. 2 years ago I started downloading Coffee Break Spanish after my first visit to Venezuela, where i met the most wonderful girl.
    On December 3rd we’re getting married in Venezuela. Although she is fluent in english many of her family are not and Coffee Break Spanish has helped break down the language barrier and not only has helped me become confident when travelling all across latin america but opened my mind to how fun learning another language can be!
    Congratulations on the first 4years & i hope you guys stick around for a lot longer!

  2. I listen to CBF on my ipod/cell phone while jogging, driving, cooking, etc. Pronounciation is everything in French – a big thanks to Mark and Anna. They are the ‘real teachers’ as someone said they teach the whole world for free. Congrats!

  3. I started at the beginning with Coffee Break Spanish as a complete beginner to the language, I listened to the classes in the car on my way to work, the structure of the lessons was perfect for me and I have since been on 2 holidays to Spain and felt confident talking to locals feeling delighted when I was understood and in turn understanding their response, my wife was also suitably impressed with how much I had learnt. Keep up the great work, I’m now on to French. Congratulations and a huge thank you to Mark and the team.

  4. Thanks for the new series.

    I have been catching up with CFB since episode 1. This is the first time I am listening to the podcasts as they are made!

    I like the new format, and the EPUB files look great on my Sony Reader (its not all about iBooks and iPhones!).


  5. I did one year of spanish in university several years ago and have had a difficult time since then finding materials compelling enough to keep me working at it. Your podcasts are just that for me. I have completely caught up to where I was at the end of that year and passed it too. Plus I have the confidence to acutally speak it too.

  6. Very excited to hear that there is some new French material. I can’t praise CBF highly enough; it helped me refresh my long-forgotten O-Level French and feel more confident during this summer’s trip to France. Am so keen to learn more that I’ve been replaying episodes 30 onwards on my ipod on the way to work so that I didn’t forget everything I’d learned by the time the new material was released. Thank you for all your efforts to keep providing interesting and doable lessons!

  7. Coffeebreak Spanish is the first tutorial that has confirmed the sound of the ‘D’ within the word – eg comprado as compradtho with a very soft d. Thanks for the help and for confirming that which I had read but never heard in any of the Spanish conversation audio tracks until now. Lesson 64.

    Really great to put learning into practice when unable to spend a lot of time in Spain.

  8. Hola a todos. Pues, escucha a CBS todo el tiempo. En el carro a trabajar, en la oficina con mi Blackberry y voy almuerzo y tambien en el carro voy a casa el fin de trabajo. Me gusta todo lo CBS y Radio Lingua. Mark, Muchisimas Gracias for everything and the way that you put your heart into this course. Prior to CBS, I never thought I could learn a language, but your work has really opened my eyes and not only that, it has handed me, for free, the tools I needed to get started!. It always takes a passionate teacher to move the world further, and, because of this body of work, I’m sticking with RLN for Coffee Break French next. Thanks so much Mark and language teams – and tell Alba she is missed by the audience 🙂 … Carol/loveCBSpanish


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