New One Minute Languages coming soon

oml-swedish-600Our One Minute Language series is growing! We added Zulu to our list of languages earlier this year, and starting on Monday 18th October we’re launching One Minute Swedish, Ukrainian, Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Each course will cover the same content, including greetings, introductions, saying that you’re learning the language, counting 1-10 and other common phrases. The courses will run for ten weeks and will be available for free on our website and on iTunes. There will also be premium materials available from the launch date including lesson guides and enhanced podcasts. Stay tuned for details on the schedule for each language.

2 thoughts on “New One Minute Languages coming soon”

  1. Надзвичайнa новина! Excellent news, can’t believe that you have picked Ukrainian as one of languages. I am so proud as myself come from Ukraine, and since a week ago got totally addicted to your Spanish podcasts. I wish I could be involved 😉 but surely you will do a good job. I will now try and find where these Ukrainian podcasts are and start learning one of my native languages ( other is Russian) from beginning, with you ;)))

  2. That’s great! I have been waiting for new coffee break french courses to learn, but that’s even more then I expected :)) It’s really cool! You’re doing great job!!!


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