News Time Spanish Update

ad10-nts-season1halfpriceThanks to everyone who responded to our request for feedback on News Time Spanish: it’s always really useful to get feedback on our courses and since News Time Spanish was a bit of an experiment we’re delighted that our listeners have enjoyed the shows.

We’re very pleased to announce that News Time Spanish will be returning this autumn with our regular schedule of news updates from around the world. We’ll be announcing our schedule soon.

In the meantime we’re making the archive of season 1 available for half price – if you’re still interested in accessing some excellent listening materials with full transcripts and exercises then you can purchase the full archive from season 1 (May – July 2010) for just £8.50 GBP. You may also want to check out our Back to School sale to reduce that price even further!

5 thoughts on “News Time Spanish Update”

  1. I am disappointed that I didn’t get to share my feed back with you guys, but I am glad that many of the listeners loved the show as much as I did 🙂 Its a great podcast because it short enough that I can always make time for it and gives you insight into the Spanish world while using vocabulary that you can understand and challenges you from time to time. I truly enjoy it, thanks.

  2. Excellent news! I can’t wait for the return of this news programme. I listen to BBC Mundo Radio and News in Slow Spanish and, whilst they are really good products, yours helps my understanding of Spanish the most. I have really missed the programme since July and it will be wonderful to have it for the Autumn season!

  3. This week, I decided to re-do lessons 10-80 of CBS. I love it because its like a great movie that gets better the second time around, or that great novel that, when you go back and re-read, you discover a whole multitude of new and wonderful things!! Each day I listen for an hour in the morning on the commute, then during the day with my earphones and data cards (I have one 8 gig card and one 4 gig card that has every CBS and STS lesson on it), i listen on the way home too. I’m reaaaaly learning tons of constructions and such, sooo, now I’m ready to go and volunteer at our sister Spanish church. I’m sure the kids there will whip my Spanish into shape in no time. I’m a little scared, but wish me luck with making the call tomorrow! Also, I’ve reached out to our local Spanish radio station because, believe it or not, they have one caucasion woman from South Carolina whose espanol es PERFECTAMENTE!!! Wooow, so i’m hoping I can get some help there too. Anywho, that’s what my learning has been like this week. I am having people at work from Mexico, El Salvador, and every Spanish speaking place that they come from, to help me with phrases. This is really getting to be the most fun!!! Ciao!!


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