nts-600We’ve just completed our pilot season of News Time Spanish and we’d like your feedback! News Time Spanish is aimed at intermediate to advanced learners of Spanish – for the past ten weeks we’ve been bringing you a weekly roundup of news stories from around the world, written especially for learners.

With News Time Spanish we aimed to provide content to help increase learners’ range of vocabulary and provide practise in listening skills – a sort of stepping stone to authentic news broadcasts which are available elsewhere on the web. Our premium materials featured full transcripts, vocabulary and exercises, and a special electronically slowed-down version of the audio recording to help listeners who found the speed a bit too challenging.

We hope to return in the Autumn with more News Time Spanish, but we’d like your feedback. Have you enjoyed our weekly episodes? Is there anything you’d like more of? Or anything you’d like to change? We ultimately want News Time to be a manageable production which we can publish regularly and we hope that you’ve enjoyed it and found it useful. Please post your comments below.

We also want to make it clear that News Time Spanish is just one of a range of new materials for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners which we’re working on at the moment. Stay tuned to find out more about our future plans including some exciting video content for Spanish learners.

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    53 replies to "News Time Spanish – Pilot season feedback"

    • Tony

      I enjoyed the series and found them helpful but I did miss the discussion of grammar points in English as they really helped to fix the concepts in my head. It was an excellent resource but I’d love a full follow up to the approach in Show Time Spanish.

    • Tom

      I enjoyed the series and looked forward to it each week. I hope it will continue. For me, it was difficult to keep up with the lessons. There was a lot of vocabulary I did not know so had to look up many words which were not a part of the lesson materials and I had some problems with figuring out verb forms, especially when a subjunctive appeared. Probably due to my inexperience, but I did struggle a bit. I’ll keep working on it though.

    • John

      I enjoyed the series very much and hope it will continue. As a member I found the transcriptions and vocabulary list really helpful, although I find it hard to learn and remember too much vocabulary at once. I do miss the grammar points as at the end of Show Time Spanish but it was a test to be left to work things out for myself, which usually involved listening to each broadcast several times. I got used to the speed of delivery very quickly and found I didn’t need to listen to the slower version. I’m looking forward to the next Spanish course from Radio Lingua.

    • Bob Evers

      I look forward to every Monday and was shocked by the jellyfish story and recovered only to be more shocked by the notice of potentially the last weekly news cast. I hope you continue because your product is so useful with slow Spanish, the vocabulary, the quiz and especially the news of the Spanish speaking World. I am sure I will never find out if Mr. Iglesias kept his end of the bet.

    • Kevin

      I enjoyed the pilot season of News Time Spanish and hope that you will continue the program. As a premium member, I feel that I really benefited from the transcripts, vocabulary lists, and exercises. I have two suggestions for improving the program. First, the audio version could be read at a slightly faster pace, so that it sounds more like native speed. That way, more advanced students and beginners can take advantage of both audio versions of the program. Second, the weekly program should be a little longer.

    • fran chetwynd

      I like the podcast, and I’m subscribed, but I haven’t been able to access the premium materials. They are not delivered automatically to Itunes as they were with Showtime Spanish, and when I try to log in, the link does not work.

      • Mark Pentleton Mark Pentleton

        Fran, the NTS premium should be delivered automatically to iTunes, assuming you’ve followed the instructions in our members’ area: http://radiolingua.com/members/nts/ – just like STS the episodes and additional materials for Season 1 would have been automatically delivered. Let us know through the Helpdesk if you continue to have problems.

    • Murat

      10 lesson course was not what i expected! It is very short, i am disappointed after having listened to both CBS & STS series. NTS lacks grammar points, STS was better, please focus on grammar and listening comprehension tricks, exercises are ok but, listening exercises would be better to test the listening comprehension, not only the written exercises, thank you.

    • Frances

      I am a subscriber. I enjoyed the past 10 lessons. It’s what I’ve been looking for to supplement reading and writing comprehension. There are a few things I wished were a little better:
      1) Since the lesson is weekly, I wish the material can be longer. A page and even a page and a half of writing doesn’t give much content for the price we pay.
      2) Vocabulary sometimes skip the obvious “phrases” or “grammar” points. There are many common phrases that need to be explained besides just the meaning of an individual word.
      3) Listening exercises instead of reading/writing exercises would be more helpful. Most students who purchase the series want listening comprehension. Would be great to include another audio file to test one’s knowledge.

    • Martha Witebsky

      I was deeply disappointed to learn that only 10 lessons were scheduled. I especially looked forward every week to the news about Spain. Since many events on the program were in the news anyway, I only had to learn the Spanish terms without having to figure out what the story was about. I also liked the idea of having the same speaker, because I did not have to get acquainted with a new voice every week.
      I sincerely hope that you can resume the program in the fall.

    • Cheryl Juárez

      I really enjoyed the Newstime Spanish program. As a member to NTS and STS, I appreciate the transcripts and quizzes included in the subscription. I would like to see some time spent on grammar points so that I can understand the rationale behind the various tenses used. It was not necessary for me to use the slowed-down version and in fact could benefit from a faster delivery. I would like for the episodes to be longer though. I love Radio Lengua 🙂

    • Fred

      Hello – much usefull podcast, which i discovered today (the day after the pilot season ended…). please keep on.

    • Linda

      I am a member and have followed all of your podcasts from the beginning.Very disappointed that NTS is stopping over the summer, just when all the colleges have finished too and desperate to keep learning over the summer so September is not such a shock when back at college.Very much enjoyed the podcasts; would be even better if they were longer. A direct full English translation would be better than grammar explanations. I liked the vocab used and the written exercises to test comprehension but expected better value for money. Can’t wait until September.

    • Simon

      I thoroughly enjoyed the series. I really like the format and the variety of topics covered. I’m a member but tend to listen to the podcasts in the car so haven’t played with the extra materials as much as I’d have liked. The few times I have sat down with the transcripts, I’ve found them very useful. It’s really helping improve my vocabulary (thanks to Show Time Spanish my grammar is very good).

      It was a big jump from Show Time Spanish but thinking back a while, Show Time Spanish was a big jump from Coffee Break Spanish. I think the level is about right as I’m always up for the challenge.

      My only criticisms are the relatively short length of the podcasts (I’d like at least 20 minutes – greedy eh?) and that it’s ended so soon. Please record more soon!

      I take Spanish classes as well as using your podcasts but last year was able to jump a level and plan to do the same this year, thanks to your podcasts!


    • Heather

      I have thoroughly enjoyed this series as a complement to CBS and STS. It is good to hone my listening skills with a sustained section of Spanish unbroken by explanations or vocabulary but delivered at a more manageable pace than is usual from Spanish speakers. Please return with another series in the autumn. Many thanks.

    • Brian

      Love NTS. STS was better but of course it was very PLANNED and I am sure a ridiculous amount of work to produce. NTS provides TIMELY vocabulary. There’s a place for both, and since it doesn’t look like we’ll see anything in the CTS/STS mold again, please give us more NTS in the fall.

    • Lauren

      I love it!!! Don’t change a thing. The difficulty level is just perfect; I am not quite good enough to listen to radio very well, and News Time Spanish was the optimum difficulty level – absolutely perfect.

    • Nicolas

      Please continue with News Time Spanish. Very complementary with Coffee Break Spanish. I enjoyed very much.

    • pippa murray

      I greatly enjoyed the Newstime Spanish and was a premium member. I agree that
      listening exercises would perhaps be more useful than written, as this is basically
      an audio programme. The slowed-down version has helped a lot and I almost
      don’t need it now. It all seemed very good value indeed and I look forward very
      much to the autumn programme. Keep it coming, boys!

    • Brendan

      Great learning resource. Content is great. Speaker is clear. Pace is good for my level. Very enjoyable. Hard to find resources in with Spain accent. Please continue in fall.


    • Ian

      I have great difficulty listening to spanish news broadcasts because of the speed. This was slow enough and clear enough for me to follow much of the content. I hope you continue.

    • Nancy Strasser

      Excellent production. I have listened to each episode many times. However, I doubt that NEW subscribers will want to purchase ‘old news’ stories a few months from now. So here is my suggestion for a future program: rather than using ‘timely’ news articles, you could present stories such as might be found in a magazine (i.e. stories which will still be of interest a year or more from now). That way your production costs will be better offset, by being able to sell the series year after year (like the Coffee Break Spanish and ShowTime Spanish programs).
      Whatever your programming decisions, I always enjoy them! Thanks for the excellent productions.

    • Erica

      Although I live in Spain and consider myself an intermediate Spanish speaker, I find it difficult to follow along with Spanish news programs on tv or radio because of the speed and wide range of vocabulary. News Time Spanish is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to help improve my listening skills and gradually augment my vocabulary. I actually like this shorter news podcast, as it doesn’t give too much to think about at once, and therefore it’s easier for me to remember new words and phrases. Also, I have discovered I’m more willing to listen to two 6-minute podcasts in Spanish than one 15-minute one. 😉 Thanks so much for the great material!

    • glenn

      great program.. need a little more vocab. unfortunately.. can’t wait for more news..

    • Ann

      I downloaded this to my IPod every week and listened to each news report several times. The level was perfect for me & just the right speed. Not too fast, but not too slow. And the news was always interesting and often something I would not have known about without this podcast. I truly hope this will continue in the fall.

    • David Parsons

      The thing is, there are a number of sources of news in spanish out there for learners already. There’s News in Slow Spanish, and there are regular spanish newscasts from the likes of BBC Mundo and Radio Netherlands that could be easily slowed down for learners using media software. I would like to suggest the following to improve the show and make it more unique:
      1. Incorporate interviews with “people on the street” from Spain or Latin America or a Radiolingua “correspondent”. This would add some perspective to the news content, practice listening to different voices/accents, as well as a cultural element similar to that in episodes 31-39 of STS. This would probably have to be on an occasional basis as I’m sure it would be difficult to arrange every week.
      2. Choose 2 or 3 key vocabulary/grammar points to discuss at the end of the episode. Since the show is aimed at advanced learners, the explanation would perhaps be entirely in spanish (with additional points + translation etc. in the bonus materials).

      Otherwise, I’ve found the show to be a good source of additional practice for me, and I like the length of the episodes. Thanks and keep up the good work with your various learning materials.

    • Paula

      I thought the series was great. For me, having just completed A level (english exam for 18 year olds) as a mature student it was just a little too slow. Maybe you could have some items each programme just a little quicker to challenge us more (but have one item at this speed to encourage us as well)! I thought the level of vocab was great for anyone of A level standard and I could see this show being very useful for Sixth Form students to help with their listening skills.

      BBC Mundo is often a little too quick and unlike the previous comments I have no access to software to slow it down! It must be difficult to gauge the speed to meet everyone’s needs, so that’s why I suggest two speeds within the same programme.

      It might be helpful to have five useful vocab items at the beginning of the programme, so that we could listen out for them in context, and maybe one grammar point at the end, but definitely spend most time on the actual news. Do keep a native Spanish speaker, but maybe occasionally add a Latin American accent for variation.

      • Paula

        I didn’t mean to give it 1/5, I meant to give it 4/5, but I didn’t understand the system!! Sorry!!

    • Kate

      Do you have any plans to do a step-by-step guide for ShowTimeSpanish as you’ve done for CoffeeBreakFrench? It makes finding the lessons so much easier and saves a lot of time.


      • Mark Pentleton Mark Pentleton

        We’ll keep this suggestion in mind, Kate.

    • Jack

      I liked the newstime spanish issue. Hope it will be continued.

    • Graham

      Just wanted to register my thanks for your excellent work on this series. Looking forward to more great content for advanced learners.

      Just as a suggestion: how about including some spontaneous debate by native speakers around some of the topical items?

    • Lisa

      I’ve enjoyed News Time Spanish greatly. But since I understand most of the broadcast, I haven’t felt compelled to subscribe. More grammar might motivate me….

    • Felix

      EXCELLENT program! Please continue! I especially enjoy the items from various Spanish-speaking countries, and the variety of news, sports, culture, etc. Just make it a little LONGER.

    • Luca

      I loved News Time Spanish, found it to be the perfect duration, and always containing interesting news. It could perhaps be improved (for my level of Spanish at least) if it was read a bit faster. This is of course not directed to Jose (whom I really enjoy listening to) but to the decision of having the bulletin read clearly and slowly so that the majority of learners could follow. I hope there’s another season coming, keep up the good work! Thank you.

    • Bill Willoughby

      I really enjoyed News Time Spanish and subscribed this time and definitely would subscribe to any future series. 5/5

    • melville

      This is totally on target for Spanish learners that are also news junkies, but aren’t quite ready for the likes of the BBC or La Matinal. In addition, since the stories are selected from a Spanish perspective, news junkies like me can’t anticipate the content of the story having already read or heard it from some another source.



    • William Reid

      As a subscribed member first of Show Time and now of News Time Spanish, I must say that I found the News Time pilot series an excellent means of improving my listening skills.
      The length of each podcast and the presentation by José were first class and the accompanying transcript, exercises & notes were very helpful.
      One small point
      – some variation by José of his introduction and signing off might be useful – the same phrases each week tend to be less testing.
      Many thanks again, and I look forward to the autumn series.

    • Sue Woolmore

      I really enjoy listening to the news at a slower pace giving me more time to absorb what is being said. I agree with the person who mentioned missing the explanatory grammar points which have been fantastic and in my opinion what have made CBS such a hit.

    • Sue Woolmore

      I also meant to give it a 4!! Sorry!

    • Aviva Imhof

      Thank you for newstime spanish, I found it really useful and I hope you will continue the series!

    • Jamie

      NTS was great. I wish it weren’t over (even just for the summer). It’s great practice, but I’d really like to hear a Latin American news reader too. There are many more Latin American Spanish speakers than Spanish, of course, and for all us listeners living in Latin America or wanting to learn Latin American Spanish, the vosotros form can be confusing. But I still think it was a great show and learning resource and I hope it continues. I agree, however, that a couple minutes of phrase explanation/vocab at the end wouldn’t hurt.

    • Sophie

      NTS is excellent and I really hope it continues. It’s great both for me to keep up to date with the news (and allow me to then go on to listen to full speed Spanish news and not be in complete bewilderment) and also to recommend to my secondary school Spanish students as it’s easy for them to access.

      I suppose for it to be totally ideal for me, there would be two versions – one at the speed of the pilot (for beginners) and one between this speed and actual Spanish news speed (for intermediates).

      I hope the series continues and I will definitely subscribe.

    • William Sarbello

      I love News Time Spanish and had subscribed to the Premium podcast. A news program brings the opportunity for a wide scope of vocabulary. The free version is great; the pace is good, but there were new words that I was missing sometimes. The Premium version provided the solution with transcripts, vocabulary, and the slow version that helped me catch all the words. I miss this podcast while it is in hiatus, and strongly urge you to resume in the fall. I listen to Spanish language news casts when I can on television and occasionally radio, but miss a lot of the words because of the speed of the speakers. My goal is to comprehend the tense and person of each verb in spoken (vs. written) language. I cannot yet achieve that, but News Time Spanish is a much better tool for me to work toward that goal. Thank you, and please continue News Time Spanish!!–Bill S.

    • Alex K

      I loved your news sessions – short, engaging and to the point. There are very few podcasts that I found that are professional and educational in the way you guys are. I also loved the varied coverage of international topics related to the Spanish speaking world. Much appreciated, keep up the excellent work. I’m looking forward to another season in the fall !

    • Uncle spanky

      I thoroughly enjoyed News time Spanish. Right now I”m simultaneously listening to Show Time Spanish and finishing up my Coffee Break Spanish. I like to use them all together. Using them all together I find very helpful. I am definitely looking forward to the next season. Thank you so much

    • Uncle spanky

      I thoroughly enjoyed News time Spanish. Right now I”m simultaneously listening to Show Time Spanish and finishing up my Coffee Break Spanish. I like to use them all together. Using them all together I find very helpful. I am definetly looking forward to the next season. Thank you so much

    • Lou Ann

      I love Newstime Spanish as a supplement to my Spanish learning. I still need to work on vocabulary and grammar, but at my intermediate level, I’m able to follow about 60% of the material covered in each podcast. Like I said – supplemental to the learning that I’m doing on my own and with Coffee Break Spanish and old episodes of Showtime Spanish … the Newstime Spanish has been a great addition to my listening practice! Thanks! Look forward to more episodes in the fall!!

    • Tom

      I liked the series. I would suspect that, to make premium membership viable, you would need a bonus podcast going over grammar points from the newscasts. Otherwise, I don’t think the premium materials would be inviting enough to get many paid subscribers. (You might include one freebie in the regular podcast and use it to promo the premium materials.) The one thing that sets Radio Lingua’s Spanish podcasts from the rest I’ve listened to is the much higher quality of grammar explanations.

      I definitely hope you continue Newstime Spanish.

    • Michael

      News Time Spanish is a great learning tool for me. I purchased the transcripts (although it was after some thought, because I believe the price is a bit too high), which I thoroughly study after I listen to the podcast fresh the first time and before I relisten to the podcast. I agree with some of the others who requested the podcasts be a little longer, although I would not recommend that they be too much longer. The transcripts are very thorough, and I appreciate that the vocabulary is given for nearly all of the difficult words. The sound quality of the MP3s is very clear, and the speaker is easy to understand.
      I hope you’ll consider doing another podcast series at the same intermediate/advanced level, in much the same format, but with different content. Perhaps each week you could explore a topic in depth, and the topic would change every week. For example, I would appreciate a 10 minute podcast in which you explored the details of immigration issues in the U.S.

    • Melita Charles

      Overall, I think the series was a good start. The length of each segment was perfect in my opinion but the news should be read at a faster pace. I always got the gist of the story even with the unfamiliar words. Still, the speed is nowhere close to the speed of my local news in Spanish. I really missed the explanation of grammar points. But I think it was helpful to look things up myself. These podcasts are all passive learning after all and the extra effort helped me retain the information more. I would welcome hearing different accents if you could squeeze it into the budget. If I had a wish it would be for something more interactive. One version of CBS had vocabulary on the screen. Something like that would be helpful. Good job. I’m looking forward to the next program.

    • Michael Curtin

      Thanks much for the News Time Spanish production. Your newsreader is really excellent. Perfect diction and pronunciation. The pace of his speaking was just about right for me at my advanced intermediate level. Hope you resume in the Fall.

    • Paula M

      Hola Todos,

      A different Paula to the earlier one.(I’m in my late 40’s by the way). I have only just seen News Time Spanish. Having learned Spanish and French during my schooldays, and listening to the excellent Coffee Break Spanish and French last year and this year to remind myself. I find News Time Spanish a wonderful idea to keep up with modern language learning and the news and actual goings on in the Spanish and Latin American world. I’m certainly interested, will there be a French version?

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